The Tribulation is not over for Rosli Dahlan

by Din Merican

Lawyer Rosli Dahlan’s trial resumed on Monday  September 6 with the MACC Investigating  Officer (IO) Saiful Ezral taking the witness stand again. I cannot help but note the uncanny resemblance between Rosli’s and Anwar’s trial. Both the accused, Anwar and Rosli are Leos. Both their accusers are Saiful – in Anwar’s case it is Saiful Bukhary and in Rosli’s case it is Saiful Ezral.

But while Saiful Bukhary volunteered to take an Islamic oath at the Wilayah Mosque across the Jalan Duta Court Complex  to prove his backside was screwed by Anwar, IO Saiful Ezral had to be shielded by Judge Abu Bakar Katar when he was reluctant to take an Islamic oath to prove that he did not lie to Rosli in 2007. That was the tense scene in court during Rosli’s trial when Rosli’s counsel, Dato’ Kumaraendran, challenged IO Saiful Exral to make an Islamic oath in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

“Tak Perlu, Tak Perlu, Tak Perlu”

Barely into the opening line of questionings, IO Saiful Ezral began to show that the holy month of Ramadan meant very little to him. He wasn’t the least bothered that the only way he could survive through the gruelling cross-examination of Dato’ Kumaraendanran was by lying. And lie he did, again and again.

Here was IO Saiful Ezral, an International Islamic University law graduate who could not survive in the world of lawyering and so, chose to become a law enforcer with the MACC. Yet there was very little to show that he was an Islamic university graduate or that he was legally trained. His answers, under cross examination, were at best evasive and incoherent, and at worst they were outright lies.

When repeatedly asked by Dato’ Kumaraendanran why he had not investigated Dato Ramli and Lawyer Rosli, or taken  statements  from them, IO Saiful Ezral, with his hands pressed to his head, responded,” Tak Perlu, Tak Perlu, Tak Perlu”, reminiscent of Augustine Paul’s “Irrelevant, Irrelevant, Irrelevent”during the Anwar Ibrahim trials.

No Honour and Integrity left in MACC Personnel

It is demoralizing to see that there is very little honour much less integrity in the conduct of the MACC officers during Rosli’s trial. Most, if not all, of the MACC witnesses that I have seen had lied. The biggest liar of them all being DPP Anthony Kevin Morais, hence my article – The Liar Kevin Morais Buried In His Lies. That pattern of behavior seems to permeate throughout the MACC and that IO Saiful Ezral should follow the trend of lying is not a surprise regardless of his Islamic university stint. For that matter, both DPPs Zulqarnain and Sophian are also IIU graduates and yet they have no compunction about aiding witnesses to lies. In fact they seem to guide these witnesses to do that.