A Ripple in the Pond

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — Perkasa today sidestepped Nurul Izzah Anwar’s challenge to a public debate on Malay rights, saying the community’s special position and privileges should not be questioned

Perkasa’s brutal rebuttal to Nurul Izzah’s Debate challenge is hardly surprising. Their blunt response to her was that, if she can’t understand the Bumiputra’s special position and privileges, she’ll just have to Swallow it!! Without any questions asked.

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

When will we ever learn that there is simply no point in responding to their propaganda or rebutting them. Every word that comes out from their mouths are laboriously engineered to trigger a frantic response. No amount of helpful advice, facts or evidence is going to turn them into a new leaf.

For a fact, in the near future, all this rhetoric will continue to peak to a crescendo, simply to trigger an angry response. An example is the Headlines about Tian Chua’s accident a long while ago. The wisest thing for everyone to do was just to keep quiet and pretend to accept their propaganda.

Opposition parties should stop opposing for the sake of opposing and just take a sabbatical leave of absence. Let them wonder what is happening with the general consensus. Internet blogs should observe a period of silence, and replace political news with Fairy Tales from Grimm and Enid Blyton. Important news should be rewritten between the lines, without causing a ripple in the pond. Commentators should invent new ideas of rewriting their comments. Let us comment constructively like 1Malaysians, heaping praises on other races without appearing to be biased. This will catch the cyber troopers off guard.

Cybertroopers are working overtime, scanning political websites and painstakingly assembling reports on public opinion. Every comment on these sites is digital statistics that will determine the next course of action for Black Ops. The men in Black are still active on the 4th floor.

Some of the Taboo Subjects that should never EVER be brought up are:

Stop all debate on Bumiputra Rights. Stop any discussion on Racial inequality. Stop talking about religion. Refrain from mentioning the Royalty. Stop commenting on meritocracy and about the 30 percent quota. Stop criticizing the Police, the AG, MACC, the Judiciary, and certain NGOs purportedly fighting for equality. Stop harping at the various Ministries. Stop the highlighting of exposes in news and political blogs. We know for sure that under the current leadership, justice is not going to be served. The usual excuse is that, there isn’t enough credential evidence. Highlighting it will only lead the perpetrators to strengthen their guard and to destroy the evidence.

Keep a period of dead silence. And one day this silence will be even more deafening. You cannot start a war if your enemy refuses to fight.

The problem with us is that we are playing right into their hands. They are pulling the strings, and we like puppets are automatically reacting to their whims and fancies.

Let them open their floodgates of propaganda. Stop getting excited and keep a cool face. If we play along with them, sooner or later they will run out of steam. The Malaysian public is not so dumb that we do not know what is going on. The psychological warfare (Black Ops.) going on is only meant to have one objective; to change public perception of the current leadership, and to recognize them as the true champions of national security that will protect our way of life and to avert a civil war.

We can only respond by quietly educating the ones around us. There are simply not enough internet readers that will sway the next elections. Going down to the grassroots is the only way to have any real chance. Voter registration is still not encouraging. Our current administration already has their army of diehard fans all preregistered to vote. Early elections may be called next year, wiping out any late registrants. With trouble brewing in Sabah and Sarawak, and the loss of Perak, Pakatan Rakyat really needs to implement its own version of Black Ops.

Maybe, with all that silence, they may actually approve the printing permit for her to start her Newspaper “Utusan Rakyat.”

Finally, from Nurul Izzah Anwar herself a meaningful and comforting verse, something for us to reflect on that, there is still hope out there.

“My question to Perkasa is,  spiritually and intellectually, does a Malay accept injustices, power abuse, corruption, racism, anti-democratic laws, state institutional degradation to ensure that the Malays are a Supreme Race in Malaysia, with first class citizenship privileges not to be shared with other non-Malay citizens?”