By Anonymous

With reference above, I would like to submit some sensitive information about our government in Malaysia. I hope this can reach my most respected Raja Petra Kamarudin. I am sorry that I need to remain anonymous as I am a Malaysian.

I have been caught by the police once when I was young and they claimed that I took drugs since the tester was positive; and because of that I asked them to test again because I couldn’t believe it was true. It was lucky that DAP, with the media’s help, helped me clarify my name by using the general hospital’s report. Now everyone, including my customers, believe that I am innocent.

After a few years, I joined the Police Volunteer Reserve to learn what is actually inside the Royal Malaysian Police force’s procedures and everything. I found out that it is totally corrupted as what has been depicted in the movies. I won’t dare to say what other PVRs can learn as what I really learnt inside, but this is a very true experience I went through.

People can change their urine samples even when they are tested as a positive drug taker. To change the urine, it costs everyone a standard price of RM300.00 +- per person. And to hasten the procedure for bailing out will be the standard price of RM500.00 +-  per person.

To do this, sometimes you may need a person to help liaise between the public and the police force (which they call PR) and in Mandarin called Wai Jiao. This PR will also take some commission from the payment.

If you are caught with 12 pcs of ecstasy pills or 3 strips of five or 5 sets of ketamine, it will cost about RM5000.00 +- to solve it on the spot with cash without even stepping into the police station or just bring the drugs pusher outside some outskirt police station and wait for the money to come.

As I know it, if someone uses a knife to slash someone and that person becomes gravely injured, it will just cost about RM35,000.00 to RM40,000.00 +- in order to settle it, but he will still have to stay in the lockup for 2 to 3 days.

Almost everything can be solved by bribery in the Malaysian government sector especially criminal cases as long as the case is still fresh and even when it is out on media.

I have seen a very good example when there was 1 of the big time drugs pusher caught with 3000 ++ pills of ecstasy and was highlighted in the media but ended up with a punishment of 18 months of jail. After 13 to 14 months, I heard that he had been released and a month later, I was eating together with him very far away from the state that he been sent to due to some proper business money collection I needed to do.

I wanted to let you know because I don’t want to see Malaysia be bankrupt one day due to corruption! My family and friends are still in Malaysia even if I’m going to migrate to some other country. I am too sad to see the place I have stayed in for such a long time come to the edge. With tears, please help Malaysia!