Brig-Gen Yasin acquitted, so MACC caught lying again!

Din Merican

This morning, the Kota Kinabalu Sesssions Judge Caroline Majanil acquitted Dato’ Mohamad Yasin Yahya (Rtd Brig-Gen), of all charges of perjury in the trial of Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, former Director Of Commercial Crimes PDRM. Dato’ Yasin was acquitted without his defence being called. DPP Ahmad Bache prosecuted while defence counsel acting for Dato’ Yasin was a prominent Sabah lawyer, Sugumar.

In 2007, Dato’ Ramli Yusuff was charged in Sabah for using a police cessna for his own personal use. That trumped up charge was brought about in order to discredit Dato’ Ramli as a corrupt senior  police officer who had used police transport facilities for conducting an aerial survey of his private land and for bringing 2 civilians on board the aircraft.

The manner in which the case was brought against Dato’ Ramli showed unmistakably of a conspiracy between IGP Musa Hassan, AG Gani Patail and the MACC. The Sabah case was based on fabrications by MACC Supt Sok One a/l Esen who said that a Sabah Penghulu had named Dato’ Ramli in a confidential MACC report. When the Penghulu was called to court, he denied ever mentioning Dato’ Ramli’s names. Instead, the Penghulu said that he was visited by Musa Hassan’s aide named ASP Chew Kam Soon to make various allegations against Dato’ Ramli, all of which were untrue.

The charge in the Sabah case was amended several times throughout the trial including dropping any mention of the two civilians on board the aircraft, as Brig-Gen Yasin was an authorised military personnel. Also, it was revealed in Dato Ramli’s trial that he was in full uniform escorted by several policemen for an official crime prevention aerial survey of the coastal line of Sabah covering a police post known as Dent Haven. As such, Dato’ Ramli was acquitted by Judge Supang Lian in a very lengthy trial over 57 days which involved 75 witnesses (longer than a murder trial).