Musa continues to Mislead the Public


By Concerned Sabahan

In today Headlines in every local paper in Sabah, Musa continues to mislead the public by saying the Federal Court had made its final ruling that Mazu cannot be built (which is NOT the ruling) whereas LDP issues during the said BN meeting was ‘Central Board issues’ and that many big projects ie 1 Borneo, Sabah Suria shopping complexes and KK WaterFront project which Musa has vested interests and other small projects, all of which also never had Central Board Approval but were never stopped by Musa.

This is when Musa stopped Su Phin from continuing his speech, which Musa knows is true and these facts will be embarrassing to him if this issue is publicly exposed in the media.

Musa has in fact directed the KK Ctiy Mayor to now submit ALL DBKK Development plans to him in Cabinet for Approval, indirectly bypassing the Central Board vetting.

DBKK has also, during a central board briefing in June this year openly asked the Central Board to ‘BACK DATE’ an approval letter for the KK Waterfront Project which CB refused, resulting in Musa directing the Mayor to now submit all DP to the Sabah Cabinet for approval in July.