The silence is deafening

Anyway, whatever it may be, the damage may already be done. Will PKR Sabah be reduced to a ‘Muslim party’ and the ‘natives’ (read ‘non-Muslims’) move on to form a new party? And would this then mean we can kiss goodbye the idea of marching into Putrajaya?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

This was what Free Malaysia Today wrote today:

12-month suspension for Jeffrey’s dirty dozen

The PKR disciplinary committee has recommended that 12 Sabah PKR leaders be suspended for a year over their role in setting up Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) last year.

Party secretary general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail today said that his office received the recommendation from the committee yesterday.

The committee had conducted its hearing against the 12 in Penampang in Sabah yesterday.

“The investigation report confirmed that there was a breach in party discipline for the twelve named, in accordance to Clause 27.7, that bounds party members to obey to the party constitution, to carry out its policies and maintain the party’s good name,” said Saifuddin.

Saifuddin said that the suspension will be effective as soon as the supreme council has deliberated on the matter. The supreme council will next meet on Aug 29.

He also said that the 12 can appeal against their suspension within 14 days from Aug 29.

The 12, who are all aligned to PKR vice-president Jeffrey Kitingan, are Daniel John Jambun, Awang Ahmad Sah, Moses @ Mozes Michael Iking, Nicholas James Guntobon, Paul Kerangkas, Slyvester @ Balon Mujim, Innocent Makajil, Nasir Samie, Harry Kujukok Manisit, Rubbin Guribah, Gosibin Yosundang and Guandee Kohoi

Ongoing leadership tussle

Yesterday, the disciplinary committee – made up of Animah Ferrer, P Y Wong, and Steven Choong – interviewed 11 of the 12 in Penampang, Sabah. One was absent due to illness.

The 12 leaders were subjected to disciplinary proceedings due to their role in setting up Parti Cinta Sabah last year.

The PCS was a new party mooted by some Sabah PKR leaders following a massive fallout between Jeffrey and fellow vice-president Azmin Ali, which resulted in Jeffrey being replaced as the state chief.

However, under a peace plan inked by the party headquarters here, Jeffrey was made responsible for both Sabah and Sarawak and another person was put in charge of the state. Azmin was totally removed from the state lineup.

The peace deal also ensured that there will be no witchhunt against those who had allegedly plotted against the party at that time by aligning themselves with Jeffrey.

The decision to suspend the 12 suggests that the party is ready to ditch the peace deal.

Their suspension would mean they would play no part in the coming party polls. Their backers have seen this development as an elaborate plan hatched by Azmin and his Sabah loyalists to cut off rivals from the party.

It is unclear how Jeffrey’s faction will take the suspension recommendation. Previously people close to the 12 told FMT that any action against them will only cause a major rift in the party.


The People’s Parliament has also addressed this issue in two articles — ‘Mahathir kicked Anwar out of UMNO, yes, but who will now kick UMNO out of Anwar?’ and ‘Disciplinary proceedings or witch hunt?’.

One person who should be saying something but appears to be maintaining an elegant silence is the PKR vice-president, Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan. Or should I instead say that the silence from Jeffrey is deafening?

I was waiting for a word from him because the 12 PKR Sabah division leaders are said to be ‘his people’. And these 12 are alleged to have committed a most serious crime by any political party’s standards — they filed an application to form a new political party called Parti Cinta Sabah, or the Love Sabah Party in English.

Were they acting on behalf of Jeffrey? Did Jeffrey know what they were doing? Is Jeffrey a Barisan Nasional mole or Trojan horse?

This all sounds extremely confusing and I would not fault the laymen or women if they threw their hands into the air in utter frustration.

DAP appears to be splitting at the seams with the ongoing Selangor conflict and the dingdong concerning Ronnie Liu. Then DAP and PAS go and renew their rhetoric regarding the Islamic State and Islamic laws a.k.a. Hudud.

What is it with these arseholes? I am even more convinced now than before that these so-called PKR, DAP and PAS leaders are nothing but moles or Trojan horses sent into the opposition to stir the pot and create inter-party and intra-party conflicts. If I had any choice in the matter I would line them all up against the wall and shoot them.

Ronnie Liu has already been punished by the DAP disciplinary committee. And, tonight, they are making him face the central committee to, again, face punishment.

How many times do you punish a person for the same crime? Have you not heard of double jeopardy? It is like the Malaysian government arresting and charging me for writing an article and then detaining me without trial for that same article. That is double punishment for one crime and in law that is just not on.

Are they bent on seeing DAP Selangor split down the middle so that the state government can fall just like what happened in Perak when DAP pushed Hee into the corner resulting in her leaving the party and thereby resulting in Perak falling to Barisan Nasional?

DAP was warned that they are courting trouble and that Hee was so upset she was about to jump ship. Instead of doing something about it, they kwailan and then blamed the Sultan of Perak for the demise of the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Sometimes DAP is just so full of shit it amazes me.

Pakatan Rakyat is talking about forming the next federal government. And how are they going to do that? Simple, they will win many seats in Sabah and Sarawak (Labuan included) — which have a total of 57 of the 222 seats in Parliament.

Do you think this is possible?

You just don’t know how much problems the opposition is facing in East Malaysia. The problems are not with Barisan Nasional. The problems are all internal. The opposition is shooting itself in the foot and is pressing the self-destruct button every other day. And this latest PKR Sabah fiasco is one more of many episodes that is pushing the march into Putrajaya further and further away.


It seems this latest fiasco was triggered by the previous PKR Secretary General, Datuk Salehuddin Hashim. According to what Anwar Ibrahim said, Datuk Saleh withheld some very crucial information from the party — that these 12 PKR Sabah leaders had filed an application to form a new party. The party, however, was led to believe that these 12 were merely planning to form a new party and that they had not actually filed any papers to do so.

A ‘peace formula’ was then agreed and Anwar endorsed it. Then, in June, according to the party, they uncovered evidence that the 12 were not just planning but had actually filed an application to form a new party. So that is why the peace formula is now off and action has to instead be taken against them.

Jeffrey’s people deny this. They say that the peace formula hammered out was that these 12 would withdraw their application to form a new party and would ‘return to the fold’. If they had not yet filed an application to form a new party then what is there to withdraw? they argue.

Anyway, whatever it may be, the damage may already be done. Will PKR Sabah be reduced to a ‘Muslim party’ and the ‘natives’ (read ‘non-Muslims’) move on to form a new party? And would this then mean we can kiss goodbye the idea of marching into Putrajaya?

What I would like to know is who is the one lying here. One side says that Anwar knew these 12 had filed an application to form a new party. The other side says Datuk Saleh misled the party and withheld information from the party. That would make Datuk Saleh not only a mole or Trojan horse but also a slime-ball and scumbag to boot. And I, for one, would be very ashamed to admit that he is an ‘Old Boy’ of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

Bangsat punya orang!