A Hatred with No Boundaries

By Masterwordsmith

When a nation has characters who seem to share a mission to promote racist slants in their reports to obscure political, social and spiritual progress, how are we expected to react?

When some make statements of all sorts to provoke and to divide without being rebuked or warned whilst others are hauled up for milder statements, are we expected to sit there in stupor and nod our heads in blind agreement?

When the mass media knowingly disseminates and processes distorted/bias information on a continual basis orchestrated with the sole objective to turn the minds of many against groups perceived to be threats to the nation, do they think we are clueless enough to fork out $$ to buy their spins?

With such developments, malevolent puppet masters who pull invisible strings are utterly delighted that their racist slants and evil ploys are given public endorsement by these puppets and other players in the racist game of hatred.

Respect for one another is earned and does not come from being in power as one former leader said HERE. Respect is given because of a desire to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously – not out of fear or coercion!!

We must acknowledge that the term/concept of racism has become nothing but a misnomer, as there are no other races on Earth, other than the Human Race. Let us remember that the word “race” is a singular term that refers to a singular family of man, with a common ancestry, of spiritual and biological descent from the first man and first woman. However, realistically, a pluralized term for race, in reference to mankind does not exist. So why emphasize differences and breed prejudice?

Many fail to realize that racism is actually a deceptive political policy, devised by political and economic scientists for many reasons including :

* to disrupt social order
* to conceal and justify the implementation of covert political agendas
* to stabilize or improve the economic advantages of the privileged elite, and thereby maintain the political position of the ruling party.

Much as we hate to admit it, we can see that by deliberately dividing the members of one society by accenting ethnic differences overtly and covertly, governments are actually protecting the elite and consolidating their power over the masses.

What sort of mentality will the future generation develop when the facilitators ram their propaganda down their throats? How will they perceive the deprivation concealed in legislation and overtures that overtly favors corporate development over the survival of politically oppressed citizens? I wonder if they would justify government campaigns of public misinformation, waged through government regulated or owned media that have been professionally designed to sway public opinion to favor the governing practice of elite accommodation.

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