Don’t Question Faith!

By batsman 

Faith is part of the human character. It is innate in humans. So is the search for answers and for knowledge. Both are innate in humans. So questioning the search for knowledge is the same as questioning man’s faith. Both are silly.

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, it was from the tree of knowledge. The implication is that once Adam and Eve lost their innocence by gaining knowledge and started to question God, mankind was cursed. So it would seem that knowledge is ALSO a curse. This is part of the wisdom of the ancients.

Some people say that knowledge itself is not bad, but it gives rise to arrogance and over-bloated ego which is the really bad thing since most people cannot stand others going against their opinion and are prepared to hurt and commit violence to keep others quiet. So now we have to differentiate knowledge from human arrogance. 

Faith is part of the human character. It is innate in humans. So is the search for answers and for knowledge. Both are innate in humans. So questioning the search for knowledge is the same as questioning man’s faith. Both are silly. 

However, it does look as if both the quest for knowledge and faith itself can be subject to abuse so both have to be controlled. In my opinion, this can be done by ethics and reason. Since mankind is already doubly cursed with knowledge and also the faith which is innate within him, he has no choice but to handle abuses of faith and the search for knowledge with ethics and reason. 

So when RPK says that sometimes it seems as if religion has been hijacked by Satan, it is not really fair. It just means that we did a bad job of using ethics and reason to control abuses of religion. 

Ethics and reason can be found within religion itself, so religion itself is not at fault. It is power hungry people who abuse and manipulate religion, who abuse other people’s faith and manipulate others to kill, exterminate and commit sin who are Satan personified and who have hijacked religion for their own selfish and corrupt purposes who are at fault. So in a sense RPK is also right. It is how one looks at the picture. On the other hand, those who do a bad job of using ethics and reason to fight arrogance may also be partly blamed for doing a lousy job. 

Take Zionism for example. The original Zionists were secularists. However, they have abused the Jewish religion to the extent of controlling Jews to kill, exterminate and commit genocide without an ounce of conscience. They do this by upgrading Zionism into the status of a religion. 

In a true religious sense, God banished the Jews from Israel. However, the Zionists sought to undo what God has done and plotted to bring the Jews back to the land of Israel. This is like re-doing what Adam and Eve originally did – i.e. defy God. Not only that, they have upgraded their ideology (Zionism) into a new religion even more powerful than Judaism, such that anyone even vaguely questioning the right of Jews to come back to Palestine is murdered or politically, economically and socially exterminated. Even the US President is fearful of their power and influence. 

So it is that those who did a bad job of fighting the arrogance of the Zionists should share some of the blame for allowing Zionism to reign supreme. The myths created by the Zionists could not be destroyed and this allowed Zionism to become the equivalent of a new religion. They even cynically manipulate and abuse the fact that the Jews consider themselves the Chosen People to visit heinous terrible violence and crimes upon innocent people after targeting them as sub-humans. 

The same can be said for secularism. The secularists claim to allow freedom of religion. However, they cannot tolerate any expression of religion that challenges their total control and domination. Even teaching creationism next to evolution is forbidden. Children must only learn evolution and must never question evolution. Secularism has been upgraded to the status of a new religion. Secularism is even prepared to commit genocide against Muslims and destroy a sovereign state such as Iraq to stop any questioning of the power of secularism after targeting Muslims as terrorists, sub-humans and potential users of the weapons of mass destruction. 

The same can even be said for science. When the capitalists found that science was extremely useful to boost their power, they upgraded science to the level of a new religion. True scientists are against war and genocide and accept all questions, understanding fully the poverty of knowledge and certainty and preferring to handle all questions and cynicism by ethics and reason, not by brute force and legalist tricks. However since science is capable of producing weapons of mass destruction, the capitalists see no reason why science cannot be upgraded into a new religion. Scientists now cannot even tolerate each other’s questions and use whatever power and influence they have to push their opponents into academic Siberia while acting as willing mercenaries of the capitalists in producing weapons of mass destruction for purposes of genocide and wholesale destruction and killing. 

The same can even be said of UMNO which found power too delicious to let go of sportingly and use all sorts of dirty tricks and sinful ideas to hang on to power. They even promote new religious ideas called Hadhari even though they are secularists. Not content with this, they promote racism in the form of Ketuanan Melayu. This is no different from and completely equivalent to the tricks of the Zionists. Just like Zionism, Ketuanan Melayu has been promoted to a new religion and is now unquestionable because the myths created by Ketuanan Melayu cannot be destroyed. That is why they are prepared to use the ISA and all the dirty books in their arsenal to stop the myths created by Ketuanan Melayu from being destroyed. 

Religion has all the tools of ethics and reason within it. Just because people do a bad job of using these tools does not mean religion is bad. The poor workman blames his tools, so when people fail to stop the power hungry Satanists from hijacking religion for their own purposes, they start to blame religion itself. Of course this is complicated enormously by secularism being promoted into a new religion and science itself being promoted into a new religion, so good secularists fight wasteful battles against good religionists and all the while the power hungry Satanists laugh all the way to the bank. 

Man is cursed by his over-bloated ego and arrogance and doubly cursed by his tendency to ignore his weaknesses. Of the 2, the tendency to ignore weaknesses is more subtle and more insidious and therefore can be said to do more damage. It is the main reason why people are so lousy in using the tools of ethics and reason to fight power hungry Satanists. 

What do you think? Note that I have not even talked about socialism and communism yet. Want to go another round? heeheehee