Teach us to love, not to fear or hate

By Lee Wee Tak

Barisan Nasional coalition has ruled the Federation of Malaysia for over 50 years. It has moulded, administered and executed the Constitution, legislation, education system, religious matters etc.

So it is fair for tax payers and citizen with voting rights to hold Barisan Nasional Coalition responsible for the climate and environment that we live in.

Crime has become so prevalent that we have a case where a couple of BHP employees refused to answer a frantic plea from a member of public to lend a fire exstinguisher and as a result, a car accident victim was needlessly burnt to death.

Perhaps these 2 unthinking employees are to programmed after living in a country that on a daily basis, receive incessant messages of mutual suspicion and hatred from official channels.

Perkasa, I read, has lodged a police report because a church in Shah Alam wanted to organise a play during Ramadan for church members. By their logic, during Ramadan, non-muslims cannot llead their normal lives, no? So if I were to eat, drink and have sex during Ramadan means I am committing an offence against a religion that I respect but do not practice.

Would pious and reasonable person allow his or her own religion to be protrayed in such a negative, anti-social and anti-logic manner?

This very act itself already gone against the Federal Constitution that guarantees the freedom of religion of Malaysians. This gross disrespect of Christians by Perkasa is not nipped in the bud by the Barisan Nasional administration, who, at a suitable time, deem sexy dancers as part of Chinese culture that needs to be respected.

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