Ketuanan Siam

 By John Doe

It hurts, when “fresh news” is exposed in the face of a government hell-bent on creating a delusional History of itself, under the guise of “Nation-Building”. Let us start with Museum Negara, and the person who built it. Tunku Abdul Rahman, more affectionately called TAR was of Thai Origins. He went to school in Bangkok (ask any Tuk-tuk driver to take you) not too far from Hualamphong Train Station. In fact, most Thais are so proud that “one-of-their-own” was able to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Being of Thai origin, he obviously used “symbols” of Thai unity to decorate Museum Negara. The 2 “X” decoratives flanking the roof of Museum Negara, thus, is a direct import of the symbol of Thai Unity. This is especially true in the north, around the Chiang Mai region. In fact, the Museum of Chiang Mai is decorated EXACTLY the same way. Hundreds of billboards in the north also have the “X” on it, to symbolize and remind Thais of this unity. Perhaps this is Tungku’s succinct message to Malaysia?

 And dear readers, please compare it with this:

One is of The Chiang Mai Museum, and the other is of Muzium Negara. The resemblance is stark. On the same note, all houses in the north of Thailand are identical to any “Malay House” on the Peninsular. Ever wondered why Tom Yum is such a favourite dish among the “Malays”?

Historically speaking, all of the Peninsular used to belong to Thailand anyway. It was controlled via Pattani, under Ayudthia. If “Sejarah Melayu” (originally called Asal-Usul Raja-Raja) can be taken as truth, then it talks about how Parameswara murdered the village Chief of Temasik (Singapore), who was the Brother-in-Law of the Pattani King. Ayudthia then ordered his (Parameswara’s) execution. He then ran away, and went to “Old Malacca” situated in Muar. Parameswara ran again when he was busy pirating ships which travelled along the Straits. This time, it was the Achenese who issued his (Parameswara’s) execution.

The name Parameswara itself is of great interest. Many Posthumous-Names of Angkorian Kings carried the name “Parameswara” in it. Usually, it was spelt “Paramesvara” and a suffix, depending on which God he prayed to. You see, all Kings had a Birthname, then a Coronation Name, and then a Posthumous Name. For example, King Bhumipol, and Rama IX, the current names of the present King of Thailand. So, for Parameswara to choose a name which is already a “dead name” was an attempt to “Supercede” the living. After all, all kings were changed from Dharma Raja to Deva Raja, to symbolize their Ancestry of Gods. The God-King concept was thus accepted by simple agrarian folk as truly GOD, and thus made Tax-collection easier. It also meant total submission whenever soldiers were required to fight the neighbours since who can argue against GOD?

And whenever GOD wanted a new wife, or concubine, it was dramatically easier to acquire a nubile of choice. Who doesn’t want to have sex with GOD himself, and bear GOD children? The King of the Champa had 4 wives, even though he was a Hindu. Same for Jayavarman VII, even though he was a Buddhist. Both had uncountable concubines, all sent by willing and needy Villagers, in exchange for “special requests”. There is no other logical justification of the concept of Kingship anyway, if the God-King concept is removed.

Back to the Thais, the DevaRaja or the God-King concept was the central theme to keeping the peasants under their control. The word”central” in the Thai Language is Klang. And no prizes for guessing where the name for the Malaysian Port-Town originated from. You will find tens of villages and townships in Thailand named Ban Klang. Ban, (or sometimes spelt Bann) simply means Village. It’s thus no surprise, that “Central Hospital” in Bangkok is called “Klang Hospital”. Klang Valley, thus, could be translated as Central Valley in Malaysia. Central to where? Between Bangkok and Jakarta, or Central between Pattani and Majapahit? Any decent map will show this almost equi-distance readily.

Many Kelantanese will claim that they are descedants of the mighty Champa Kingdom in central Vietnam. However, their King is from the Pattani “Royal Line”. Ironic, but painfully true. (I refuse to comment about their internal family feud, or Manohara.) In fact, many of those killing and bombing innocent humans in the Yala, and Narithiwat Province just across the Border, have relatives in Kelantan. Crossing the Golok (known as Kolok in Thai) is a mere RM2, or 20Baht, no questions asked. Most in the South of Thailand will tell you that these Terrorists cross over to Malaysia whenever the Military organizes a sweep. Even more will tell you that they also hold dual-citizenships in both Thailand, as well as Malaysia. Isn’t dual-Citizenships illegal in Malaysia? Are they brought in to vote to UMNO, so as to provide them with continued access to Malaysia whenever they risk arrest?

Many Kelantanese are also known to have illegitimate wives and children across the border. Same goes for Perlis. In fact, official Perlis Tourism Brochures announce that any Muslim may go there if they want to register their second, third, or fourth wives WITHOUT the consent of the first wife. Musliim women, please take note of this. You may be sharing your “Darling Husband” with a few other women in Perlis, or across the Border. Do what you have to do.

To address Ridhuan Tee, he should be the first to board the boat to China, to set an example. He could, of course, also board the boat to Arab countries unless he thinks that Adam and Eve are Malay. Perhaps he is so obsessed with this particular Branch of an Arabic Religion. (There are many other Arabic Religions, both past and present, which includes Zorastarianism, and Hinduism, which were both started by the Iranians [read as Indo Aryans]. The Iranians brought the 3 original Vedas, and Sanskrit to Mohenjodaro, and Harrappa in the Indus Valley. The Mahabarratta, and the Ramayana were to be written at least 2,000 years later by Dravidic Indians. Hinduism, on the other hand, had already existed in Iran, 8,000 years ago.) And he can start by telling the Shi’ites that they are wrong. Stop hiding under the skirt of Islam. Using religion to further one’s own Agenda is no different from Suicide Bombers, of whom we haven’t heard a whimper spoken out by Malaysia  against such despicable acts ever.

Perhaps CIMB-Thailand on Sukhumvit Road next to the SIAM BTS station was burnt beyond recognition by the Thais recently was a clear message to Najib to wank his Ketuanan elsewhere? It is also interesting to note that the 4 northern states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu were given to Thailand during WWll, and these states had to fly both the Thai flag, as well as the Japanese flag. They rejoined Malaya only when the British returned in 1945 after the war.

Speaking of BTS, have you seen their logo, and how Hong Leong kindly copied it wholesale, with impunity?

The above is the logo of the Thai Skytrain. Not one of a Bank in Malaysia.

And speaking of copying logos, the “Timbang” Logo of BN is seen in pretty much every street corner in Thailand; but instead of the blue background, is green. See below:


No prizes for guessing who copied who. No wonder the Thai’s are so proud of Tunku!! He brought Thailand to Malaysia!!

Back to Ridhuan Tee, why not try using Pakistan as your “Ideal Muslim Country” as reference? No? Wanna talk about how the Talibans carved the 1st Buddha Statue in the world ever? (See Buddhist-era relics found near Kabul)

It was over 150 feet tall, and was until recently bombed by the Taliban (watch The National Geographic Special on this). Or do you not know? If you don’t, then perhaps you should “Shaddap” and leave the talking to us who do. Final parting words, “Why didn’t anyone arrest Ridhuan Tee for creating inter-racial dissent?”

Khop Khun Khap