Wait & Hope

By steadyaku47

When did it start to go wrong for Najib? With every crisis in UMNO he rolled with the punches. Never getting involved too intimately with any faction within UMNO. Always holding his tongue and his support to any faction until he was sure of a winner. Then he will go with the winning faction. No it was not Najib being cool, calm and collected. It was just that Najib never had the nerve or the guts to commit himself to any situation in which he was less then 100% sure of victory. But now he has no side, no faction to chose.

Yes we understand that for Rosmah and Najib they are facing the fight of their life. How do they remain in power? How can they ensure that Najib is till PM after the next general election? Can all the accusation of abuse of power and money politics now directed at them be dealt with to ensure no reprisal after Najib has left office? Mahathir managed that okay but at the rate that abuses under Mahathir’s rule are now being out on to the public domain, how long will that last? Yes we understand that  to you and Rosmah these are  clear and present danger that you are both facing…but let us look at it in perspective.
What are the challenges and hardship that you now face when compared to what the family of those murdered under Police custody face? Those families whose sons have been gunned down indiscriminately by the Police?
How do the family of Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and Aminuraysid deal with their unexpected sorrow of losing a love one? Just because they are not rich and powerful does not in any way make their loss trivial? How do they grieve? Those in power seem to be immune to the suffering and grieving of its ethnic majority. The poor, the sick and those who are powerless to defend themselves against the brute force and intimidation of PDRM and other Government Ministries acting to ‘protect’ the vested interest of the Barisan Nasional government?
It is this phenomenon of the oppressed being dealt with harshly and without compassion that defines the BN era as it draws to a close. It would seems that the more powerful BN is the less caring BN becomes. Who are the Police bullying when the intimidate and harm demonstrators? Ordinary people..that is who! Ordinary people who care enough about the injustice under the BN rule to put themselves in harms way.
It is these ordinary people that are making a difference to the political scenario in Malaysia. These people are faced with the reality of having to deal with a corrupt police force on a daily basis as they go about trying to earn a decent living. They see around them all the abuses of money politics. A public transport system that does not work because those who were first given the opportunity to operate these business have milked it dry of any possible profitability.
These ordinary people are paying too much for the use of the highways and tolls around and outside KL because the toll operators only concern is to make money – money that was use to pay off the politicians who gave them the contract, money that was use to bribe the powers that be to ensure that their secret toll agreement are sufficiently lucrative to enable them to laugh all the way to the bank and money to ensure their toll collection period are extended time and time again with toll increases being part of the bargain. Yes these toll roads do ease traffic congestion and travel times….but at what cost to the country and to the ordinary people?
These ordinary people are victims of crimes because gangsters and the police work on the same side to take what they can from the wage earners. As it is now what they earn and what their money can buy diminishes by the week.