Malaysia’s “breast” fixation

There is obviously a strong school of thought among key Malaysian political leaders that the best way to win popularity is by framing everything in racial terms.

By de Minimis

In the matter of Malaysia’s lack of economic progress compared to neighbouring countries, it is due to race.

In the matter of Malaysia’s declining quality of education, it is due to race.

This reminds me of the story of the sex addict with a breast fixation. This guy goes to see a psychiatrist for help. The psychiatrist gives him a series of questions to test the extent of his mania. When shown a picture of two grapes, he shouts “Breasts!”. When shown two papayas, he shouts “Breasts!” This goes on and on until, in exasperation, the psychiatrist shows him a picture of car wipers. The guy shouts “Breasts!” again. The psychiatrist rips off his reading glasses in frustration and glares at the guy asking, “How can you associate car wipers with breasts?” Nonchalantly, the guy says, “Left, right, left, right, left, right!”

This is the Malaysia’s political problem.