The word on the ‘Allah’ issue

by uppercaise 

This is Bob Teoh’s 120-page book on the ‘Allah’ issue. Self-published at RM10 a copy, the first impression has been sold out: all 2,000 copies had been pre-ordered by the time the book came off the press on Friday.

Bob left recently, having helped to reshape the site on his return from Australia, where he had lived for several years after a career with The Star and Business Times. His wife Kim is also a media personality on the public relations side, notably for her time as an aide to Paddy Bowie and later with the Burson-Marstellar of CT Hew, Monica Voon, et al.

Bob has been a career journalist and active unionist with the NUJ and the Asean confederation, and was for a time assistant pastor of the Church of Christ at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He and Kim have long been active in church and are to spend two years in Kalimantan with an internat­ional community development organisation.

Why the book? “Everyone has become an expert on the Allah word,” he said. “But what is the issue all about? Why is the Umno government so adamant at being the only one in the world who wouldn’t want others to use this common word? Many Christians themselves are confused, what more the others.”

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