Shahrizat says: kill them

By Syed Akbar Ali

This is what the Minister of Women’s Affairs Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said. That the buang bayi people whose actions result in the death of babies should be given the death penalty.

I am not surprised that Shahrizat could say something like this because Shahrizat is a Muslim. Muslims around the world are well known for suggesting and doing terrible punishments for their fellow human beings. In Iran they are now on the verge of stoning a woman to death. In Saudi Arabia they behead people in public on Fridays. Also in Iran they have thrown liwat fellows out of helicopters in the air. In Taliban Afghanistan they used a tank to push a wall over some liwat fellows. In Malaysia our khalwat goons have caused the death of many young people who jumped off balconies and windows while trying to escape from them. Only Muslims are capable of doing things like this and then defend it too.

My dear Muslim friends, stoning people to death, throwing liwatters from helicopters, dropping a wall over liwatters are not found in the Quran at all. The word “khalwat” is not even found in the Quran. And have you noticed, even the Mahkamah Syariah in Malaysia does not punish people by stoning to death.

I am surprised that Shahrizat has even lost her woman’s instincts. I would assume that women would or should be less cruel than men. Maybe I am naïve in this area. Maybe its the new age equality?

These are kids we are talking about – our children. Most of these baby dumping cases involve teenage girls or young women. And a large majority of them (if not all of them) are Malays or Muslims. Has anyone stopped to think why this is so? They are just children. Children having children. And we want to sentence these children to death? Kenapa gila sangat suka bunuh orang ini?

We are supposed to preserve human life, not destroy life. These are young kids who are victims of their society and their strange belief systems. They are not hardened criminals or bank robbers. They need counseling and guidance. You don’t sentence them to death.

I am glad that the statement by the MCA folks has much more enlightenment on this matter. And they are not Muslims. Here is what Ng Yen Yen said:

“MCA believes the problem of baby dumping can be tackled effectively through proper education and a change of mentality within society, said its vice president Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen. She said a reproductive health education programme could help prevent or reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease. “MCA feels that the capital punishment proposed for dumping babies is too harsh and will only make things worse. Meting out the death penalty on those who abandon babies is too heavy a punishment,” she told reporters.

Allahumma solli alaikum: may Allah shower His blessings upon you.