Long Live Perkasa

Perkasa is a legitimate entity registered with the ROS, and it has the support of about 100 NGOs and a membership of over 200,000 members. It is the ultimate Third Force to be reckoned with. And with the Chosen One as their leader, Perkasa will see greater heights

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

The announcement by Perkasa that Helen Ang had insulted the King came as no surprise. Many people in the past, Muslims and Non-Muslims have done so, and got away with it. And should Helen Ang be placed under the ISA, it will serve as a warning to anyone out there, who dares to insult the King.

Perkasa, in their genuine Struggle to ensure equal rights for all Malays, Muslims and our beloved Royalty is nothing short of noble. With UMNO making a terrible mess in the last 50 years and failing the Malays so miserably, it is the reason why Perkasa is so relevant today. Until now, the Malays still lag behind, our religion being constantly ridiculed, and our Royalty losing so much of their Royal Rights. The cabinet that approved the removal of these Royal Rights should be held accountable. I am sure this will be at the top of Perkasa’s agenda to restore Malay Supremacy in Malaysia.

Perkasa is a legitimate entity registered with the ROS, and it has the support of about 100 NGO’s and a membership of over 200,000 members. It is the ultimate Third Force to be reckoned with. And with the Chosen One as their leader, Perkasa will see greater heights.

Lately, the Chosen one, was in Rembau opening up a new Branch, much to the chagrin of certain Youth Leaders. This is a testament to the fact that Perkasa is here to stay and that its tentacles are long and far reaching. Although Perkasa still lacks the support of the senior Malay majority, it is more than made up for by the enrolment of the younger generation that sees Perkasa as a shining Keris that will steer the Malays to new heights. Perkasa’s announcement to UMNO and BN, that if they do not identify with Perkasa, they are doing so at their own peril. This is starting to be chillingly true. So all. .. Hail the Chosen One.

Perkasa’s stand to stop Non-Muslims, like CSL and HA from commenting further about Islam is a welcome move. For too long, our Religion has been ridiculed by Non-Muslims who do not understand the true essence of our beloved Religion. Non-Muslims must stop the ridicule immediately, because as Non-Muslims they have no right to comment. What Muslims do or don’t do, is their priority, and as Muslims what we do with our religion is none of your business. Don’t be such a hypocrite, like the others, and say that Muslims are not practising their religion accordingly! After all, we are only answerable for it, in the hereafter.

The public keeps complaining about Perkasa, because it does not understand Perkasa’s Struggle. It even came up with rude names like “Perkosa”. How totally biadab can that be? Perkosa doesn’t even rhyme well with Perkasa! These people that call Perkasa names really should have their heads examined.

Also Perkasa, with its heavenly agenda, would by the next election, totally discourage all non-Malays from ever backing BN. This will be a great boost for PR, so at least Perkasa is doing something right.

So impressed with Perkasa, that I went to the Selangor branch to register as a member, but like in Sarawak, they also ran out of membership forms. I would really love to be up there, fighting for Malay Rights and the restoration of the Malay Royalty. I’d rather be ruled by a King than a Prime Minister anytime. But I wouldn’t mind if the Chosen One became the Supreme President.

Also, Perkasa should consider opening its doors to non-Malays, and I bet membership will quadruple. Down to earth non-Malays will understand the struggle for a more humane society, equal rights, equal treatment, and all the what nots!!!

I just do not understand why Perkasa, until today has not formed a Political Party. With the undivided support of all Malays, they will win outright every seat they contest in. You will see that Malays by the droves will abandon PAS, UMNO, Keadilan and other Bumiputra parties to join Perkasa. Even now, they have a publishing permit to print, and everything is in place, so what are they waiting for?

I cannot wait for the Malays to have our 67% economic cake, because at the moment I have already built my own little castle … in the air. Coming back to reality my fertilizer subsidies are still not forthcoming after a 2 year wait.

While at it, Perkasa should fight for at least 300,000 scholarships each year for Malay students. 5000 scholarships currently a year is simply not enough to go around for all the bumiputras.

Instead of the 7% discount for bumi quota for house purchases, Perkasa should fight to allow every Bumiputra to buy the houses without a downpayment and lawyer fees. This will ensure more Malays own houses.

NEP should stay, and with at least a 50 percent equal share, and not the current 30 percent. If they are not happy about this arrangement, they can always go and invest somewhere else. We don’t want investors who only care about making money, and not taking care of their sleeping partners.

At the end of the day, if ever the Opposition takes over the government, it would be PERKASA to thank for, and not just HINDRAF.

So long live Perkasa, and all Hail the Chosen One.