Of Pink Ladies and Garbaged Babies


What exactly is the message our politicians are ramming into the pristine minds of our kids – SEX and immorality is OK.  More is just not enough.

By Pink Panther (Not to be confused with Malaysia Today’s Pink Panther – mtadmin)

Did you watch our Tee Vee Teega infomercial on Pink Ladies the other night? Yes, TV3 – the media bastion known for reporting Soviet-like news reports with a slutty edge, equivalent to notably our roadside gossip dailies KOSMOS!, MALAY MAIL and METRO long appreciated by our local crowds for bringing to our living rooms gory accident scenes, serial rapists being dragged across court houses, families fighting over dead bodies, boxes containing dismembered kids body parts, policemen and other criminals mysteriously hooded with plastic bags, of haunted homes and shopping complexes, of Syariah Court Peyton Place sideshows and dark, grimy murder scenes. Yes, anything to keep the young and old entertained in Malaysia.

This time round it was regarding Pink Ladies. Apparently new graduates, after slogging and toiling for 4 to 5 years are unable to get jobs. Surprise! Surprise! Poor chaps. Their one time at glory appears to be their convocation days when they get to dress up and pick up their degrees. What with FDIs disappearing, what’s the surprise? According to Tee Vee Teega, 65% of these Pink Ladies are Diploma or Degree Holders. Universities mentioned were UiTM and UM. It appears the future is bleak for these graduates. Choices are limited. No construction work or factory worker sort of jobs for them. They have little choice now but to be well … Pink Ladies.

What are Pink Ladies? Apparently they are guys who plaster themselves with make up and pink dresses and prostitute themselves like what happens on Bugis Street in Singapore and Lorong Haji Taib or other hot spots in KL. One boy complained that he had no choice. And further sighed that there was no professional satisfaction involved. After doing blow jobs on 5 to 10 customers, he claimed it becomes rather “bosan” or boring. He wants out as soon as he can find a job. Poor guy. My heart went out to him. But getting a job in Malaysia? There is a better bet of that happening in Vietnam and India. Our Pink Ladies appear to be the victims of our failed education and economy.

Our failed education system also appears to be responsible for babies found repeatedly in garbage dumps, toilets and even drains. Shahrizat claims more support must be given to single mothers. “Peon” brained Ali Rustam opined that reducing the age of marriage to 9 years would be a better bet as after all 9 year olds are also human beings and they also needed to “enjoy sex”. The Malaysia of today appears to be filled with morons. And why are there so many dumped babies the last three to four years?

Illicit sex and pregnancies among teens have been on the rise for some time wreaking social havoc especially in Malay families. What with free pornography on the internet and our politicians setting examples by making certain every kindergarten kid in this country memorizes the script of both Sodomee 1 and 2 through daily TV bombarding. Coupled by UMNO’s anterior and posterior antics with Mongolian beauties, not forgetting of course Chua Soi Lek’s infamous trysts in the same hotel room week in and week out right under the nose of his wife and apparently his MCA colleagues.

What exactly is the message our politicians are ramming into the pristine minds of our kids – SEX and immorality is OK.  More is just not enough. Pure and simple. Whether it is frontal or anal, it doesn’t really matter. Coupled with poor discipline, teenage pregnancies and gangsterism are now established problems in schools. To kids out there, if leaders are involved in various publicly descriptive sexual maneuvers, they too can be involved.

But how was it these pregnancies were kept discreet with no baby dumping previously? In a word – ABORTION. Yep. Parents, boyfriends, husbands, wives, victims, etc would visit their doctors discreetly who would then arrange for a gynecologist for the abortion. But abortion is illegal in this country. But it went on. That was until 2006, when Chua, the Health Minister himself – hammered through parliament an Act called the Private Healthcare Services and Facilities Act (PHFSA). Reports of the rise in dumped babies coincides with this Act being passed by Chua who is now well known for not thinking things through and poor discretion.

The MOH sent teams of doctors out to catch doctors or clinics doing abortions. Heck, they even sent a matron to look for equipment used in clinics doing abortions. These doctors, who should be catching mosquitoes and rats that are causing leptospirosis and the dengue epidemic were instead busy making sure no clinics did abortions. Hello, Liow? You reading this? Please stop your wayang, prioritize and do the right things. You first need to get rid of your politician DG. And Hello, Shahrizat and Ali Rustam. Where were you fellas when this bill was passed? Sleeping? Overseas? Tak Tau? Did you fellas for one moment think of the far reaching ramifications to society?

Worse still, there were doctors who were caught in a bind trying to help teenagers caught in our notorious 1Malaysia red tape with all its fatwas and numerous Little Napoleans, when these teenagers wanted to give their babies off for adoption. Birth certificates are needed for this and one such doctor who went one step further by issuing birth certificates to help the family of these teenage victims got into famous trouble. What he did was illegal, but under the circumstances he probably did it in good faith. And you know what happened to him? He was struck off the medical register by the same MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) goons who are dragging their feet in “Kugan’s water in the lungs” case.

And you know who the doctor was? It was UMNO’s own Penawar state assemblyman Dr Mohd Azam Rauzan. He was no longer allowed to practice medicine in Malaysia because he apparently went beyond the call of his medical duties to help a fellow constituent. According to the DG appointed by this same UMNO Government, he was struck off “to protect the public and the profession”. For his troubles, Dr. Azam was not only dumped by UMNO  but heck, he has to now sell “tom yam” to earn a living? Hello Ali Rustam, Shahrizat, UMNO ulamas, etc – where were you fellas when even one of your own UMNO ADUNs got into trouble and lost his job when he tried to help a teenage pregnant girl. Probably too busy wheeling and dealing trying to bankrupt this nation. Clearly the right hand knoweth not what the left hand doth.

Previous DGs of Health have long known of these social problems especially during the “Minah Karan” era when Free Trade Zones comprising of Electronic and Semiconductor companies sprouted up all over the country. But to avoid an “Allah” controversy with the “Abortion” word, they decided it would be wise not to step into – to paraphrase Hishamuddin – “no man’s land”. They knew about it but knew acting on it would create other problems. But now it is too late. The genie has popped out. Chua Soi Lek and the DG of Health, Ismail Merican had made certain of that. There is no turning back for UMNO now.

Any attempts by UMNO to use abortion as a means to curb teenage pregnancies until they find a long term solution would be playing right into PAS’s waiting jaws. UMNO, instead of jailing and caning these helpless, lost, unmarried teenagers for disposing callously their offspring, should instead zero in on the DG of Health. This entire teenage pregnancy problem was created in part by UMNO itself for running a slipshod educational system and appointing more monkeys who just made it a worser mess.

Apparently abortions are now being carried out “discreetly” in backyard clinics and midwifes’ homes. Our Ministry of Health fellas just drove this whole thing underground. They are the REAL culprits for these “babies found in garbage dumps”. I am surprised Shahrizat who claims to be a lawyer cum Women affairs expert and Ali Rustam, a Chief Minister cannot see this at all. End result. Now no GP or even ADUN who is a GP is ever going to do any abortions in his clinic. The teenage pregnant girl, her boyfriend and family can all go and see Shahrizat and Ali Rustam. They can build special pregnant teen schools or get them married off at 10. The world couldn’t care less. The Abortion word is far too taboo for Islamic UMNO. Haram. And illegal. Looks like their own Little Napoleans have dug a rather massive grave for teenage pregnant girls and UMNO.

The true solution lies in instilling good values in children by parents, teachers, not to mention this country’s leaders aided by a strong education system. If these qualities are not there, teenage pregnancies will boom. Internet pornography is here to stay just like Playboy magazine. There are even sex scenes in Astro itself to sway a young mind. You cannot stop that. Children need to be educated, cultured, given guidance and protected. But despite all these checks and balances, teenage pregnancies will happen. If you don’t want it done the “Abortion“ way, then the country must have a solution. Marrying them off at 10 is certainly a recipe for a future disaster for the mother, child and family. UMNO now is not only in no man’s land but has just taken a giant step back to the Dark Ages. I doubt they will spot the moon for this month’s Ramadhan.