RPK lacks credibility

The lack of credibility part comes from the fact that RPK has a habit, among others, of publishing Statutory Declarations & police reports verbatim as if they are the Gospel truth. As a blogger, it would be okay if he publishes them with the warning that their contents have not been independently verified. Instead, he flogs the authorities with them.

No wonder he had to flee to England where he has citizenship. Malaysian laws do not allow dual citizenship for men. He should be stripped of his Malaysian citizenship since he can’t be extradited from England to stand trial. Anyone who has listened to RPK will know that he has been educated beyond his intelligence. He does not come across as a reasonable person. That does not mean that those in authority are reasonable. But that’s another story. Even Hindraf avoids him like the plague. RPK is in the same league as people who write that Elvis is still alive, John Kennedy is not dead, Michael Jackson’s coffin was empty, etc., etc.