Mazu to stand or lie down, up to Chong

By True Sabahan


The Sabah CM was being generous to Chong’s request to build the Mazu statue, since the Kudat Thean Hou charitable foundation is an non-registered organization. Lawfully, no lands will be allocated for any form of construction.

But the CM is willing to compromise and allow for relocation and compensation for the sake of peace among the people and freedom of religion. Now it is only up to Chong Kah Kiat whether he wants to accept CM’s good intentions.

However, it is known that Chong has refused the offer. But sources tell us that members and followers of the Foundation has offered Chong monetary funds to continue with the building of the Mazu statue.

A word of reminder for Chong: as an non-registered organization, this kind of fund raising is against the law.

As a lawyer, he should know better. Technically, the only way Chong wants to have this statue constructed for the people is to take the CM’s offer.