R. Shan: A response

By G. Sunil (Human Being)

R. Shan’s Letter of 1 August 2010 was perhaps not as coherent as it could have been. What is clear though is his sense of frustration with the state of things in Malaysia vis a vis the plight of Malaysian Indians (MIs).

A quick recap of his points is in order here:

  • matters relating to MI issues are shot down as Racist

  • this even applies to Malaysia Today commenters

  • while RPK/Alternative Media highlights certain Truths involving scandals, Truths involving MIs are suppressed

  • Non MIs who do raise these MI issues are castigated and called “MI lovers”

  • May 13th,Semangat 46, Barisan Alternatif and Reformasi did not achieve the results that HINDRAF did in Tsunami 2008

  • Alternative media commenters will merely talk and form conclusions far removed from reality in Malaysia

  • Truth alone triumphs

It’s important to reflect here on the following truism: A society is judged by how it cares for the most disadvantaged members.

In Malaysia, perhaps the most disadvantaged stratum would be The Penan. Or the MIs.

Whilst Malays are the Political masters here, the Chinese are the economic masters. This is a hard fact which is true nonetheless.

So what are the MIs masters of? Aside from poverty and social ills, I mean. Do they even have a meaningful role to play, now or in the future?

In reading the comment responses to R. Shan’s piece, what do we see?

Shan is “insane/drunk/pariah/uneducated/unworthy of a response/irrational/illiterate in English/rambling and hopeless/a mole/a pariah dog in the street/a frustrated and angry Indian man/confused/an alternative idiot”.

Oh and let’s not overlook my personal favorite “haha hehe hoho”. Gotta laugh at that one huh?

So … is Shan right? You decide.

If the responses described above (with a minority of 2 or 3 out of 23) reflect the sentiments of Pakatan Rakyat, then seriously, would MIs vote for PR?

With the routine online bashing of MIs and Moozlimz, it doesn’t take a genius to work out by process of elimination what race these commentors are. They are Penans right? 😉 So by that train of thought, PR may look forward to garnering 30% of the vote next GE.

It’s all too easy to dismiss Shan and his MI grievances. It’s the Malaysian way.