Only this will work for Malaysia?

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Given the current raging battles for political survival in Malaysia and the rising tides and bouts of citizens’ outcry, let alone the criticisms levelled by concerned foreign bodies, would the following then be the only solution:

 Do not support opposition parties. Place your bets only on the longest ruling party.
Do not write anything that betrays the ruling party. You can slam and slime up as much as you want on any opposition party member you like, and you would be doing just fine.
Do not get involved in any NGO activities that represents or supports civil liberties. They are all out to tarnish the nation’s image. You already enjoy the world’s best mantra for justice under our rule, so stay happily with it.
Do not participate in any rally that is not organized by the government. If you do, you are violating the law as these activities come without approval. Our rallies are safe and and you can always come out in full support. Please do.
Do not suck up to the unending wild allegations drumbed up by opposition party leaders and members. When we go after anyone for corruption, you can be assured that it is done in the best public interest and with sufficient evidence.
Support us forever and you will always enjoy a successful life – for you and your family. We are the only party that has held the helm of governing for more than half a century. So why abandon the only ship that sails so well. You must be crazy if you still do. Oh, and if you do abandon our ship, you better watch it citizen.
Support the authorities who are her to protect you against the opposition. But never fall into the trap of siding opposition against the authorities. f you do, beware – the batton, shield, tear gas and detention awaits you because you are a trouble maker.
Just carry on doing your work quietly and with commitment and the government knows always what is good for you. Your work is to make enough money from the opportunities the government of the day  creates so that you have enough to eat and enjoy a little. After all, remember what Dr MM always advised: Too much of anything that is very good is no good; you must know when to stop having too much of whatever is so good.
Do not question and demand this and that. Just cast your vote for us and leave the rest of the work to your elected  leaders (from the ruling camp, please). Generations have trusted them. Why shouldn’t you?
And also do not get stuck in the accusations of foreign agents. They are out to destroy this country. Only we can protect you agaisnt such disasters.
Corruption within the corridors of power? Hey, don’t be so gullible. These are all drumbed up antics of a faltering and bankrupt opposition. These are meant to lead you astray. Leve it to us. We will know when to nab the spoilers.
As long as you can shut up, do what you are told to do, we will be able to do a better job for you. Ater all if we done so well for half a century, how can we go wrong.We are the managers of the nation. You are only a voting and working class citizen.
Wonder if all of the above is the right way forward for Malaysia? At least that seems to be the consistent message being drummed with intensity with each passing day on the calender.
J. D. Lovrenciear