Is Malaysia heading for ICU?

By J. D. Lovrenciear (Semenyih)

Going by the news outbreak these days, one cannot help feeling that Malaysia is heading for the socio-political and economic intensive care unit (ICU). From that date the legendary yet controversial Doctor brutally sacked his deputy and stepped down from his hard-lined premiership, the nation has been nose-diving.

Two truths surface.

One, Tun Dr. Mahathir ploughed a pathway at a very high price that kept the nation moving forward.

Two, he left the nation to only go downward as his socio-politic and economic mantra did not withstand the test of time.

Just look at the reputation Pak Lah has earned. And reassess the image the current premier is having.

Today, we see politicians lambasting each other. The left wing and right wing are battling it out, playing the infamous series of ‘Spy verses Spy’. Along with that, race based politics has become the currency to attack and counter attack.

Sleaze, greed, acrimonious wealth accumulation, fear and all kinds of legal battles are the daily symptoms. Meanwhile, every breadwinner rakyat knows that it is becoming a daily or monthly nightmare to meet bills and put food on the table.

The political pathways are being filled with all kinds of landmines and booby traps ranging from police actions, arrests and detentions without trial, to all sorts of threats, intimidation and fear creation.

It appears quite clear that we are no longer administering sustainable care to keep the nation bobbling for a more secure future advancement. On the contrary we are so obsessed with power struggles and territorial gain-ships muddled with all sorts of legal battles and counter suits. Party interests have gained supremacy over governing a nation according to the wishes of the electorate.

And the most recent expose by the one-time gurka of UMNO, Tengku Razaleigh who was at the helm of serving the nation – about how the nation is profusely bleeding from blatant thefts sends shivers down any caring citizen.

Indeed the nation is headed for the ICU. And the outcome will also be equally a 50-50 bet. Perhaps, the time has come for all to join hands in prayer vigils nationwide as our politicians have disqualified themselves from catheterizing a bleeding nation.