Let’s have a good laugh today

Today I don’t want to write anything. Instead, read the article below written by someone called Satu Hala that was published in an Umno website. Yes, that’s right, no one uses their real names in the Umno websites like we do in Malaysia Today. And another thing: we publish what they say about us but they will never publish what we say about them.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

RPK – Adultery, Sinful And Illegal life

By Satu Hala

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) was proud and happy when he was entertained by two Polish women while he was on the run at Europe. At the same time Inspector-General of Police was hot in his pursuit.

RPK is arrogant and indirectly revealed he love to perform threesome with the two Polish women but do the ball head have the stamina to do it?

By the looks of it, the ball head do not have the power to satisfied a woman, one on one.

RPK is revealing to the world of his character who love adultery.

However, it is no surprise for a slanderer to practice such way of living in changhing sex partners.

RPK is the king of slander so adultery and drinking habit is nothing.

That is why Zaid Ibrahim hang out with RPK when he was in London because both of them have the same habit. Where is the pride of RPk wife when he showed to the world of the enjoyment tasting two Polish women.

Or maybe his wife only replied that the picture and statement made by RPK is a joke to provoke Inspector-General of Police.

However, it is learnt RPK had swallowed three viagra pills to have sex with the two and other European women.

Such habit will at last to be found out by his wife and what will be the children think about him.

However, his son who is serving the prison would not have the time to think about anythhing at all because he is busy swallowing razor blades.

In general, can RPK wife accept her husband is a sex maniac.

RPK Chinese wife will not be thinking about anything as long as her mounth is shut by money.

For RPK, pride and dignity is not important as long as Anwar Ibrahim pay him to perform libel.

RPK children are raised using illegal money until the stage that Lee do not mind serving time in prison. So nobody should care about RPK, his wife and children. Let them live with the lives of adultery and liquor. May the family burn in hell.

(Pstttt: When RPK wife read this article, she will be asking what is hell. She might be thinking hell is money.)