Repentant Psychopaths

Future rapes can now be excused under the pretext that Penans “change their stories as and when they feel like it”. Now and for all time, Penan women can be raped at will. Not only that, such crimes can be extended even to murder, because as claimed, “Penans are good story tellers”. 

By batsman

Further to my write ups on psychopaths (Is a Psychopath Ruining Your Life? and Political Parties as Psychopaths), I wish to toy with the idea whether  there is such a thing as a repentant psychopath. 

By definition, a human psychopath is unable to feel guilt, so there is no such thing as a human repentant psychopath in spite of all our inclination to forgive and so on. A human psychopath, having committed a crime should be locked up and the keys thrown away. The door may however be broken open if medical science has found a way to cure these criminal psychopaths and only if such cure is proven effective for each individual case through exhaustive testing. 

Looking at political parties as psychopaths, let us consider some real life examples. Take the case of Penan women and girls being raped by loggers in Sarawak. An important political personage has come up with the statement to the BBC that “They change their stories, and when they feel like it. That’s why I say the Penan are very good storytellers”. (link to story

By taking such an attitude the politician has passed the sentiment into the political sphere and here the element of guilt disappears completely. The logging community and proven rapists of the rainforest have been defended against the crime of rape against women and young girls of vulnerable aborigine communities. Unfortunately the door can no longer be closed. Future rapes can now be excused under the pretext that Penans “change their stories as and when they feel like it”. Now and for all time, Penan women can be raped at will. Not only that, such crimes can be extended even to murder, because as claimed, “Penans are good story tellers”. 

All reports of murder made by Penans or even made by others on their behalf can no longer be trusted. Guilt has disappeared in the political sphere. It was a vile politician to have started such a process. 

The only way to correct the situation now is to say that the vile and accursed politician concerned has lied and then sack him. That way, it is possible for political parties to be repentant psychopaths (you hope). 

Taking another case study of a top civil servant quarrelling in public with the Chief Minister of a state, once again, when the issue is in the political sphere, guilt disappears completely. The group dynamic demands that civil servants protect their own. By taking such a sentiment, the civil service turns into something very similar to a lawless criminal gang where members protect each other regardless of guilt. If it happens for one, it will happen again in the future. The door has again been opened for all time. 

The only way to correct the situation for the time being is for the civil servant concerned to be sacked for breach of etiquette and discipline. This way, it is possible for the civil service to be a repentant psychopath (again, you hope). 

Malaysia is full of such cases and I don’t want to bother you with the details. Each time it happens, the door is opened for future cases to occur until it becomes a common event. In Malaysia, there are instances where such cases have become common. 

As claimed recently, there are 1805 cases of custodial deaths. This means that custodial deaths have become a common event by any standard you wish to choose. Being detained by the authorities (not even arrested yet) can by good probability be a death sentence. 

It would seem therefore that there may be quite a few human criminal psychopaths and serial killers hiding among the people we are supposed to trust and who have been given authority over us. And as long as their colleagues choose to protect and defend them, the institution or organization concerned turns into a psychopathic organization as well. There is no longer any guilt and no checks and balances. There are reports and videos that they even have the gall to ambush HRH the Sultan of Kelantan. 

Don’t forget that there are more than 2 times as many civil servants in Malaysia as in other Asian Pacific countries. This means there may be even more psychopaths hiding amongst them and you are the ones paying for their upkeep. So if in case you are being led to detention sometime in future, make sure you call your lawyer immediately. Don’t just disappear quietly into the great unknown. 

It would seem also that this is the state of the Malaysian judicial system now. Unless the perception is checked and corrected, the judicial system itself remains an unrepentant psychopath. Even foreigners are queasy about Sodomy 1 & 2 yet some Malaysians don’t even bother to read about it anymore which is really the most frightening part. 

There is another way by which political parties can become repentant psychopaths. That is the way of reform. They have to be voted out of office and new leadership entrusted to weed out all the crooks and sinners from the system. This way, institutions and organizations can be purged of psychopaths and start fresh with stronger checks and balances in place. 

In fact this is one of the very few ways civil society can protect itself. Once civil servants turn into unrepentant psychopaths and these people start protecting themselves it is the public who will suffer after all the decent individuals have been eliminated. 

So don’t treat the next general elections lightly please. There is still hope. Even if human psychopaths cannot be cured with our current level of medical science, political parties as psychopaths can still be turned into repentant psychopaths.