Mirror mirror on the wall…..

In 2003, the Perdana Leadership Foundation was set up with the aim of preserving, developing and disseminating materials by and on Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers. The Foundation’s objective is to increase awareness and appreciation of Malaysia’s intellectual heritage with the firm belief that past leadership can yield valuable insights for future development.

Perdana Leadership Foundation was set up:

* To research, document, disseminate and publicise the intellectual legacies of Malaysia’s past prime ministers.

* To elucidate and illuminate the contribution of Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers in the social, economic and political development of the nation.

* To create awareness of the development process of the nation and serve as a platform for future development.

* To be a resource centre of policies, strategies and initiatives that were adopted under Malaysia’s various Prime Ministers which may be used and adapted as models for the development of other nations. (extracted from HERE)

One of my former students, Alvin Goh (YTL Organization) had the opportunity to speak at Perdana Leadership Foundation’s eighth edition of the Perdana Discourse Series on 12th November 2008. As such, I usually visit the site HERE to enjoy the various sources of information available there.

Today, I came across TDM’s speech on Breaking The Siege Of Gaza: We must end the Apartheid and establish an Independent Palestine State in his usual numbered point style. The speech was delivered at the International Conference on Gaza on July 11th this year @ PWTC.

Without any prejudice, I must say I enjoyed reading this speech because it is obvious he had done a lot of background reading and research to give such an informative background account of the Gaza problem. I am not saying I agree or disagree to his views but for a person of his age, it is highly commendable that TDM put in so much effort in preparing and delivering this speech.

However, I stopped in my tracks when I read the following section taken from Point No. 39 of his speech where he refers to Israel as (which you can access AT THIS LINK):