Who let the dogs out?

The People’s Parliament

Yesterday evening, I got a call to say someone in Putrajaya had lodged a police report against me, supposedly in relation to public statements i have made about 1,805 lives having been lost whilst in the custody of authorities here.

I immediately instructed solicitors who called the OCPD, Putrajaya, confirmed that such a police report had been made although he would not confirm what it related to, and then wrote to say that  I was ready, by prior appointment, to attend at their office to render my statement. My solicitors have yet to hear from the police on any appointed date.

A little later that same evening, I got another call to say that two dogs were barking incessantly in cyberspace about how I had been dishonest about the number of deaths in custody.

One, a highly obese, blubbered bitch, and the other a rabid canine of uncertain pedigree.

No one in cyberspace with any grey matter between their ears takes these two seriously, so I was just going to let it pass.

But then, their handler decided to get in on the act.

Yes, I mean Rocky, in his blog and in his government-controlled Malay Mail.

Now, not that anyone takes Rocky any more seriously than his two charges these days, but I figured, ‘What the hell, for old times sake’ so, here goes.

Rocky and flabby jowls ask questions.

“What kind of numbers are the people behind SABM trying to do and on whom? Where did they get their statistics from, anyway?”, Rocky asks, in his Malay Mail piece.

Blubber asks : “There is a serious deficit by another 1,696 deaths in custody for the same corresponding period, as claimed by Haris Ibrahim’s ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’. So where is this deficit is coming from? MACC/Immigration/Prisons? Or Henry Gurney school in Telok Mas, Melaka? Is it possible that Haris hallucinated these figures?”.

Now, lawyers learn very early in practise a cardinal rule of cross-examination : do  not ask the question the answer to which you do not already know.

In layman’s terms : DO NOT TEMBAK BUTA-BUTA.

The reason : because the unexpected answer may end up as mud on your face.

Rocky and flabby jowls also make assumptions.