Renewing Car Road Tax

By Redzuan

This is a true story of what happened when I wanted to renew my vehicle road tax.

I went to an agency to renew my vehicle insurance and road tax as it was about to expire in June 2010. All went through except that the gency could not obtain the road tax as I supposedly had a traffic summons that had to be cleared before the post office was able to generate the road tax.

So, I went to the PDRM office to inquire about the summons. They printed out the list of traffic summons (luckily they gave me just one) including all the data of the particular summons and the amount to be paid, that is RM300.

What I do not understand is, that summons was from 4 February 2008. Why are they issuing it to me now? What was the hold up? When I renewed my road tax last year, in 2009, all went through without any hiccups.

I wonder for next year’s renewal, will I be paying more summons with odd dates? I am not submitting copies of the renewal on Malaysia Today as it has my car registration number on it.

The summons came from nowhere out of the blue and without the authorized signature of acceptance from the offender and therefore it should be invalid.