LGE :Hantu pun dia, manusia pun dia

In a press conference at Dewan Sri Pinang on 14 July 2010, Chief Minister described UMNO as ‘Hantu pun dia, manusia pun dia’ because he said on one hand, UMNO is portraying themselves as saviour of Malay kampungs. However, on the other hand, he claimed UMNO merely played up issues of two Malay kampungs while ignoring the other six kampungs in Jelutong which are not Malay populated.


Or watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-WJjkMNkz8

CM Lim asserted that the issue in the eight kampungs in Jelutong is in court and the state cannot intervene at this moment or it will be seen as contempt of court. The land belong to the developers and they have taken the matter to the courts.

However, Lim said the state will look at it from the social angle and is concerned with the problem.

He also pointed out to the press the problem in Kampung Tanjong Tokong where the land belongs to UDA and the eviction and demolition of the kampung is under UDA. Yet, the state is accused of their action.