All Malaysians Are Children of UMNO

By batsman 

Whether you consider yourself a step child or a biological child, you are all children of UMNO. Whether you consider others adopted from Indonesia or Philippines, they are still all children of UMNO. Whether others consider you descendents of prostitutes or beggars, you are all still children of UMNO.

The problem with Dad is he refuses to grow old and wise up, become a loving and loved granddaddy. So what to do? 

Dad is still playing favourites. A child who was weak in the beginning has grown up and although still suffering some disability has become strong, proud and smart, but Daddy is still playing favourites. Melayu sudah bangun, but Daddy is still treating Melayu like a 5 year old Mongoloid in spite of Melayu’s own protestations to the contrary, opening the way for others to spit on and tease Melayu cruelly and unceasingly. 

Melayu Baru (Melayu’s spoilt rotten twin) unfortunately is using the situation to seize and trample over the rights of other children, spitting and cursing in return. Other children too have grown up and there are now new generations, but the family is split and hating each other. 

Daddy is head of a frightfully dysfunctional family that has the capacity to explode into violence. Yet Daddy is not only unrepentant, he is using this as a threat to put his children in their places. Not only that, he is himself using excessive and abusive psychopathic force and violence against his own grown up children who wish to warn and discuss the dangers with him. 

Dad’s several wives are not any better and have become fat, fatuous and uncaring of all abuse and exploitation of the children committing some of the abuse themselves with one of the newer wives becoming extremely vicious and spiteful pretending to champion the causes of Melayu and his spoilt rotten twin as the only true biological children to gain political advantage and inheritance over the older established wives. 

If there is such a phrase, UMNO is practising narrow racial nationalism within a country of many nationalities. This formula is guaranteed to split the country apart. This formula essentially declares that there is no single one country united and undivided. All the patriotic jingoism and sloganeering of 1Malaysia is a cheap farce designed to cover the fact that Daddy is himself splitting the family apart. 

By refusing change, to grow older and wiser and truly uniting the country as one, UMNO has made itself redundant. UMNO is going against the wishes of the people to unite as one to face a hostile competitive globalization together as one people and one family. 

As a result, this sad and dysfunctional family called Malaysia has children who have not only abandoned her and gone away to find their fortunes elsewhere, many of those who remain dream of doing the same to escape the grasping, hate filled and spiteful environment. 

This is a truly sad and tragic comedy. All children of UMNO have been trained and brought up to be greedy, selfish, arrogant, grasping, manipulative, abusive and sabotaging. It is a miracle if there are any loyal ones left who still have a modicum of decency, integrity and self-respect. 

How’s that for a TV drama series? heeheehee