Unity and Impunity

Like so many aspects of Malaysian society, this call for unity is taken on board without a moment’s thought to what it really means. Are they united against a common enemy? If so, who is it?

By The Phantom Haranguer

In recent days, there was an interesting occurrence in a parallel website. A respondent to a statement by the DPM about Malay unity made the very Freudian slip of typing ‘untied’ when he really meant ‘united’. The respondent was writing in favour of unity.

Little did he know how correct he really was, because Malays do need to be untied from their dependence on a supposedly benevolent big brother. That’s the only way they will ever develop any individuality or identity. More importantly, that’s the only way they will develop the ability to think for themselves rather than having to rely on being told what to do by every one with a reason to manipulate the Malays.

But, back to Malay Unity. Like so many aspects of Malaysian society, this call for unity is taken on board without a moment’s thought to what it really means. So let’s do some thinking on why Malays should be united.

Are they united against a common enemy? If so, who is it?

Is it the Japanese … again? Doubtful because they are too busy sorting out their own issues.

Is it the Chinese? Also doubtful, because they are too busy making money. And anyway, don’t they pretty well have control of Malaysia as things stand?

Maybe it is the Thais? … Maybe, but aren’t they too busy trying to work out which colour shirt they should be wearing? It’s more likely that the Muslims are trying to make a takeover bid for Southern Thailand, so the Thais would be thinking they already have more Muslims than they can deal with.

Maybe it’s the Indonesians? Hmmm … there is a distinct possibility there. But being of the same racial and religious group, surely the Indonesians wouldn’t be so unethical as to have designs on Malaysia. Anyway, if they did invade Malaysia, the invasion would be late and Malaysia can always rely on the Aussies and the Brits to help them out, cant they? On top of that, Malaysia now has two useless submarines and two jet planes without engines to fend off any attack.

What about the Singporeans? Now, there’s a thought. But the Singaporeans already have Malaysia so tied up in knots so they would be crazy to take on such a liability.

Maybe the Brits want to recolonise Malaysia? Unlikely, because I have a sneaky suspicion that they were mightily relieved at having to hand over the burden of responsibility to the Malays while still hanging on to most of their assets. Anyway, hasn’t Malaysia already been colonized by the Arabs?

Maybe the common enemy is within Malaysia?

Surely, it’s not the 1/3 of Malaysians who work so diligently to allow the Malays the subisidised, unproductive lifestyle to which they have become so addicted. Nah, that’s impossible, Malays are not like that.

Then maybe the Malays are united under a strong and inspiring leader? That’s definitely a possibility because they are so much into icon worship …. In fact, they will worship an icon in the face of overwhelming evidence that indicate that the icon is not a great leader but a great con man.

To be a great leader a person has to be more than just an inspiring speaker. A leader has to have intelligence, a clearly defined agenda and an ability to look and plan for the future. A leader must have the welfare of his/her nation and its people foremost in his/her heart and mind. 

That pretty well excludes anyone with leadership aspirations in Malaysia.

Then what is it? What is the reason for the Malays to be united?

Surely this concept of unity is not the fabrication of the so-called leaders of Malaysia. Surely they don’t regard the Malays as a mindless mass of non-thinkers whom they can easily manipulate by appealing to the most base aspects of human nature … hate and fear and greed.

Surely the agenda of these ‘leaders’ isn’t so base that to keep themselves in power (and money) they will do anything no matter how short-sighted, unethical and criminal it might be.