Time For Khairy Jamaluddin To Go

By Syed Akbar Ali

The most unforgettable thing that I can remember about the last UMNO Youth elections where Khairy Jamaludin was elected its Ketua was the sight of his supporters jumping up and down childishly like monkeys who had just been fed bananas. (Indeed they had just been fed.)

Each of them had this schoolboy type backpack on his back which made them look even more childish and juvenile when they cheered and jumped up and down after their benefactor had been voted in.

There were serious allegations of money politics in the UMNO Youth elections and it is now an established fact that the party actually found Khairy Jamaluddin dabbling in money politics. And they still let him stand for elections (where his win was quite predictable, considering all the hungry monkeys that were jumping around – looking for bananas).

What is even more mind boggling is why a young person who is allegedly intelligent and Oxford educated would need to dabble in money politics to move forward?

I was equally perplexed that the young man stood for a Parliamentary seat in the rural seat of Rembau. One would have assumed that with his credentials and what not, an urban and ‘educated’ seat like Lembah Pantai or the Bukit Damansara type area would be more appropriate for an up and coming Oxford educated ‘very intelligent’ person. Yet he chose Rembau which were quite easy pickings.

Helping him in the process was another well fed person in the form of the MB who was and still is a close supporter. It was a perfect case of you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

Without a doubt Khairy Jamaluddin is turning out to be the most unpopular UMNO Youth Chief ever. There is this most hilarious poll being run by the Blog Apanama asking when Khairy Jamaluddin should quit. You can see the poll here. It is hilarious because of the way the suggested answers to the poll have been framed. Here it is :


Semalam 173 votes 64%
Hari ini 71 votes 26%
Esok 7 votes 2%
Pemilihan UMNO akan datang 16 votes 5%

I have never seen a poll where ‘semalam’ was a suggested answer to when someone should have quit. And it has obtained the highest votes too, 173 votes or 64% of the total.