Where do we go from here?

It is time to attack.

By Masterwordsmith

The following post is a comment which a reader, StraightTalking, shared recently. I am reposting it (with his permission) as it is thought-provoking and reminds us that we have to be wise and strong during challenging times lest we falter.

Personally, I am VERY sick and tired of all the tirades, name-calling, endless accusations and defenses from both sides. I firmly believe that PR cannot succumb to the baiting. Tough times call for tough and fool-proof strategies which I believe are sorely lacking. Cracks are appearing in the other side and to win the next GE, PR had really better shape up and get their act together – otherwise, it is a lost opportunity. Where do we go from here?

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Comment by StraightTalking:

If you have not noticed yet, the status quo has been systematically, using Sun Tzu’s war concepts to battle and/or neutralize the opposition. Now let’s review and analyze their moves…

1. Their first strategy was to plant moles in the enemy’s camp to collect or steal important enemy secrets. this is an important prelude to their future war plans. A few moles have since surfaced and gone back to the mother ship.

2. Next they used a “win them over” plan and went on to buy whoever can be bought. More than a few have since crossed over to the other side.

3. Next they zeroed in on sympathizers – Silence them. Harass those who speak well of the opposition. Arrest and charge those who speak bad of the government. A few became victims, including our Number One patriot, RPK. This too back-fired as public outcry and sympathy grew even stronger.

4. Next, they banned or disrupt candle-lit vigils, meetings, and even peaceful demonstrations or ceramahs. This too didn’t work as the Internet became an effective alternate medium to disseminate and access information.

While only a few anti-government supporters are seen in the open, cyberspace became the daily meeting place for anti-government forums and exchange of information. Many sites offered “breaking news” on perceived corruption and other misdeeds, and still causing considerable damage and embarrassment.

There seems to be no one talking but the noise is deafening.

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