Ampun Tuanku, Patik mohon bersembah…

In the recent linking of 1Malaysia with 1Israel and the bashing of MPs all around in Parliament over this issue, I am truly sad to see that valuable time, money (you know, they get paid to JUST be in the house) and resources are wasted over unnecessary conflicts.

By avancc

I don’t give a damn if our 1Malaysia concept is borrowed from 1Israel. If it works well for us, what’s wrong with borrowing ideas? But the main issue here is not about copying ideas. It’s about putting IMPORTANT NATIONAL INFORMATION INTO THE HANDS of foreign powers who may manipulate it at wish as and when it could be utilized. In simpler terms, OUR LEADER COULD BE SELLING OUR COUNTRY TO A FOREIGN POWER! NOW WHO IS BEING DERHAKA?
It hurts me more seeing that we do not “sell” our national secrets to them. We PAID them to TAKE our secrets! And it’s OUR money these people are using to pay them with. Talking about betrayal, talking about business, talking about profits; this is totally beyond understanding. Why would anyone with a straight mind pay someone else to break into one’s own house? Unless of course he has some bigger plots behind the scene – like making an immense insurance claim. And what is the likeliness of him continuing to do so when it has been revealed that he hired the man to break into his house?
I still cannot understand the reason the company is hired. Up until now, they have not denied taking the services. Yet, they do not enlighten us on what the foreign company does for them. So our leaders are hiding truths from us. If not for Malaysia Today, we wouldn’t even know, no matter how long we waited, even up to our graves. Putting that aside, what bothers me more now is:- Do we really need to pay so much of our money to profit foreigners (who could even manipulate us in return) to play with our secrets? Does Malaysia’s political, social and economic situation justify the need to hire them? If we need people to re-make our country’s image, to rebuild our reputation, why not just do the straightforward thing?
1)      Do what you preach – really improve your performance, and prove that you really are serious in the changes (this is the more direct, and straightforward method. And it is the most effective).
2)      Hire local people of caliber to handle each task, and not based on rank, or relationship. Just look at our education sector. For so many years, what improvements has it promised? Look at the government offices, what services are shown? Look at the power supply in Johor, or the Telco services we are having. And just recently, look at the arson events. What did the home minister do? With such people being promoted to be in charge, you will still fail even if you hired the best consultants in the world. SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU NEVER HEEDED SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD ADVICE AND DO THE VERY OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE PEOPLE NEED. So your performance can be cosmeticized, but it will still remain an illusion. The moment people wake up from that illusion, you are doomed.
3)      If you cannot find local people of such capabilities, SEND THEM TO BE TRAINED. AND ENSURE THEY RETURN WITH WHAT THEY SHOULD KNOW by setting up rules, and tests and tasks to assess them. THEN ONLY CAN YOU CALL THAT “PERFORMANCE NOW”. I’m sure the courses would not cost as much as the prices you are now paying for foreign PR services.
As the MPs and relevant people still refuse to take action, or even respond to the issue, I am hoping that our Royal Rulers would read this. Your minister is giving away your country, and paying them at the same time. Are you going to just sit there and wait for your (as well as our) country to fall apart?
Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun. Tuanku, hati patik tergores melihat situasi Negara Tuanku. Adalah harapan patik untuk berjasa, and menyumbang tenaga kepada Negara. Namun dalam situasi begini, patik sekalian tidak akan dapat berbuat apa-apa kalau Tuanku juga tidak bersuara, kalau tuanku tidak menghalang rahsia Negara kita jatuh ke tangan kuasa asing. Hati patik hampa kalau Negara kita semakin mengundur. Bagai digores pisau sakitnya, Tuanku. Ampun Tuanku.