The discriminations of Putrajaya Holding non exec staff

By Pekerja non executive Putrajaya Holdings

Dear Datuk/Datin/Admin/Editor’s/Sir/Madam,

I write to you this letter in high hopes that you will publish it to highlight the plight of Putrajaya Holding non executive staff who are now being discriminated by Putrajaya Holding Sdn Bhd/KLCC Sdn Bhd.

Putrajaya is Tun Mahathir’s brainchild to create a planned city so it can be called the administrative capital of Malaysia. Well, just by mentioning its name everyone in our beloved country or the world knows that this is the so-called administrative capital of the federal government but underneath all the mighty buildings and this beautiful city there is the unsung workers who have contributed to the success of this city and made it as famous as it is now.

On 1st April 2010, we the non executive staff (contract) was told that Putrajaya Holding Sdn Bhd administration was being taken over by KLCC Sdn Bhd, both being Petronas subsidiary companies. During the engagement session with the KLCC Human Resource Manager Puan Hamidah Alias, we were told that our services (non Exec Staff) are no longer required by Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd as direct hire staff as this is to be in line with PETRONAS’ Policy of not hiring a direct non exec staff.

We were then told that our services will be outsourced to a company named Mentor Solutions & Resource Sdn Bhd (MSC) which is a workers supplier. During an engagement session with MSC we were then briefed that this company was just established on Dec 2009 with 7 permanent staff and 3 board of directors (if you could call them that). We were also informed that the Director of this company was previously a PETRONAS staff for 25 Years. During this engagement session, we were told that MSC will come out with an appointment letter and we were to be appointed by them with or without our agreement. We were told that this transformation exercise will take effect by Puan Hamidah.

Puan Hamidah herself has spoken that in any way that we disagree to accept the offer from MSC, our contract with Putrajaya Holding will not be extended, and our previous service or seniority will not be recognized even though some of us have been working here for the past 10 years with a renewable contract term. So we were left with no other options, either you take it or leave it (no separation benefits will be given to us). The offer by MSC is lower in terms of benefits.

With our Prime Minister’s new phrase word of 1Malaysia, these exercises were nicely put as a 1people policy as PETRONAS is our national oil company and Putrajaya Holdings and KLCC are both its subsidiary companies (a GLC company, of course). Is it the Policy of PETRONAS not to employ non exec staff? Are these Policies in line with 1Malaysia which for us the so-called non educated group, this exercise will only enrich cronies (MSC) and make the lower income group suffer?

Logically, if we are to be outsourced, the expenditure of Putrajaya Holdings will definitely be more because we were told that Putrajaya Holding will pay this MSC company the equivalent of 1.5 each of our individual salaries (120 People). We have written to Tun Mahathir as we believe that Putrajaya is very dear to his heart but to no avail. We have also written to SPRM asking them to investigate this crony MSC Company but no actions were taken by SPRM.

Finally we have no choice but to ask assistance from MTUC to serve Putrajaya Holding with a notice of recognition under Workers in the Constructions Industries so we can fight for our right, which this recognition has been decline by Putrajaya’s top management. It is now awaiting the interventions of IR Dept of Ministry of Human Resource. In the mean time, we were again called for an engagement session and this time it is with En Hashim Wahir (KLCC Group CEO) on the 2nd of April 2010.   

During this engagement session, En Hashim again tried to persuade us to leave Putrajaya Holding and join this MSC company. After a few questions asked about what will happen if we are to decline the offer from MSC, En Hashim Wahir in very clear and undeniable terms said that either our services will be terminated or Putrajaya Holdings/KLCC will wait for our contract to expire and will not renew it. Compensation issues were also discussed but there was no conclusive agreement and En Hashim informed us that he will discuss it with Putrajaya Holding’s top management.

In all things that has and is happening, we, the so-called non exec staff is being treated as “Pendatang” and in Puan Hamidah’s exact word we are equivalent to a maid (Bibi) as our service is no longer required because Putrajaya is almost developed (as of a bibi, as your children grow up, bibi will no longer be required because your children can survive on their own without this bibi, to quote Puan Hamidah). And our services will be outsourced to enrich a crony company. We feel victimized by this exercise of 1people as it does not give us any opportunity to have a choice and we are treated as a third class citizen from 1Malaysia.

We the non exec appeal to whoever reading this to help us stop this exercise by KLCC under the disguise of transformations and to allow us to continue serving and be a part of Putrajaya.

We appreciate your assistance in publishing this letter so that everyone will know what 1 People/Malaysia really mean; that is to discriminate against the lower income group and to enrich the higher cronies.


Thank you again,

Pekerja non executive Putrajaya Holdings