MEB : feeling of an affected individual

This is my second writing on MEB. After re-reading the long speech by Najib, I concluded that it is long on description of what a nice place we can get to, but how exactly we could get there remains vague. (Same like Wawasan 2020).

By Lee Wee Tak

A man or a woman in the street would wonder:
1) would there be more employment opportunities for me and my children?

2) would there be better paid jobs and more advancement opportunities?

3) would there be education, training and re-training facilities available to equip us to handle the new skill sets required ? We have to think about the present and future set of workers in Malaysia.

Mind you, we have not even settle the debate of minimum wage yet.

An investor, local or foreign, might ask questions like:

1) would I have competent, motivated, productive and intelligent workforce to strive for my business that can justify higher pay?

2) how does the government scores in terms of bureaucracy, efficient, clean and business friendliness against other choices? ( if the DPM’s reaction to PERC report is anything to go by….)

3) would my family and investments be safe in this country? (cue: think crime rates and religious terrorism)

4) would I have excellent facilities and infrastructure to cater to my business? (our broad band still lags behind Singapore’s)

I do not see anything succinct and to the point where I can get some concrete answers. I wonder what tax payers have paid NEAC for after almost a year into Najib’s era.

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