Makkal Sakti Party feud continues

(The Star) – The feud among leaders of the Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party continues, this time with a central committee member leading a group to protest at a function organised by its embattled party chief.

Policemen were forced to brandish their handcuffs to direct the group to leave.

The group had gathered outside the Sree Mariamman hall here where state Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan was launching the party’s Tabung 1Malaysia.

Party central committee member S. Sanjeeviramah headed the group which accused party president R.S. Thanenthiran of using children to further his political goals.


Sanjeeviramah said the party had expelled Thanenthiran on Jan 17.

“The Registrar of Societies (ROS) has never confirmed him as our president,” Sanjeeviramah said.

The group dispersed after about 20 minutes following repeated warnings from the police.

Thanenthiran said he would not be intimidated by people he had sacked from the party.

“It is not right for them to come and disrupt an event which is held for the benefit of children.”

The party has been rocked by conflict since the end of last year, which saw the faction led by Thanenthiran and another by deputy president A. Vathemurthy expelling each other and taking their woes to the ROS.

Meanwhile, one of the 3,328 pupils in the state who participated in the Tabung 1Malaysia project was nine-year-old T. Aishwariyaai, who aspires to become a doctor one day.

Under the project, a Bank Simpanan Nasional savings account would be opened for pupils in Year One to Year Three.