BN and their continuous wastages

  1. Every time it comes to my attention that a government construction project has stalled or completed with a long list of imperfections, it sickens me. Today, Malaysiakini carry such a story under the heading “Hospital sub-contractor seeks to wind up princess’ firm”.

    This is not exactly a new story. It was brought to the attention of the public and the when the Selangor Sultan gave his piece everyone then went quiet. The story of this hospital is no different than many other government projects. They are like reruns of a very bad movie.

  2. As usual, government projects typically cost a lot more then what is supposed to be. In some cases it cost 3 times more. It is usually given to or “tendered” to certain parties and usually these parties are connected politically by one way or another. What is even worse is despite the amount of money spent, the final quality of the product is far from satisfactory.

  3. In the case of the Shah Alam 500 bedded hospital, it was given to a company owned by a Selangor Royal Family and they screwed up big time for something that is given on a silver platter. If you talk to people in the MOH who are familiar with construction of hospitals, the estimated cost varies from RM350K to RM500K per bed. The price variation is attributed to the standard of construction, the number of ancillary services that goes into the hospital and several other factors.