Equality For All – No Strong Shall Be Weaken For The Weak To Be Strong

Part of democracy is to have equality in freedom, rights to anything we can gain from the work done by our own hands. People who work harder will gain more reward, people who slack off will gain less. That’s the fundamental of equality, and this is what keeps democracy alive.

By Alvin Chan

The strong and hardworking one will continue to advance and the weak will be filtered off. But the weak ones are not being denied their chance of getting strong and they can progress at their own pace, eventually being one of the strong ones in the ecosystem. That is how it should work by right.


But when you take the equality out of the equation and impose a cap on certain variables of it, it will have collateral damage on the balance of the whole ecosystem. Surely you can say because weak ones cannot cope up with the strong ones and the cap is essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. But over a long period of such quick-fixes, the weak will tend to rely too much on the advantage they have over the strong ones and eventually, they will still slack off and will gain less.

Advancement of the society in the modern world depends on the level of knowledge that the society possess. When you impose affirmative action into your policy to quick-fix the balance of the ecosystem, you’re bound to be hit by a loss of knowledge from the strong ones. The world is a free place and anyone would leave a place for a better place, that is a fact. At the end of the day, the society’s advancement progress has come to a stagnant level, and most likely going backwards as the loss of knowledge continues to outflow from the ecosystem to other ecosystem. You can only blame yourself for holding up to your affirmative action policy for too long a period that there are so few knowledgeable people left in your society to propel it to an advanced society.

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