Malaysian state civil service has only 10 Chinese and 116 Indians

The 8,372-strong civil service of the Malaysian state of Johor has only 10 Chinese and 116 Indians, The Star has quoted an assemblyman, as saying.

Bentayan assemblyman Gwee Tong Hian said in terms of percentage, Indians and Chinese made up 1.39 percent and 0.12 percent of the state civil service respectively.

Gwee said the statistics were given to him in a written reply from Minister Abdul Ghani Othman.

Abdul Ghani revealed that in 2007, only five Indians applied for jobs in the civil service, with only two being short-listed and appointed.

There were no Chinese applicants that year.

In 2008, there were seven Indian applicants. Only four were appointed. As for Chinese applicants, only five applied, two were short-listed and appointed.

Abdul Ghani said the Johor Public Services Commission had received many applications that were now in the vetting and interview stages.

He said the commission had also taken initiatives to encourage non-Malays to join the civil service with programmes initiated by the state’s Economic Planning Unit and (ANI)