What’s in a NEM….

By malgal

So as the mainstream news would have it, an entire nation waits with bated breath as their numero uno deliberated and chiseled away at his purported `new economic model ‘. For months before, his grand plans already peppered the air pandered, powdered and puffed by gushing financial writers, who snap to heel at his bidding.

So there we have it. A nebulous mouthing of contradictions such as promises of new affirmative actions with fairness to all and such. 

Across the border, while democracy played out in crippling demonstrations, neighbouring Thailand saw a soaring stock market in a show of confidence, without nary a notch on its internal rumblings. 

Our NEM indeed made an effort to rename one of its development schemes (for scheme it is) Malaysian Investment Development Authority from its previous moniker Malaysian Industrial Development Authority. 

Any difference would be the scramble for a new rebranding exercise where precious funds be set aside for re-design of logo, logotype, stationery, signage, business cards and hey, you never know, refurbishment of the already flash offices. 

What’s in a NEM? We’d like to know more for the news was rosily perky, vague and non-eventful.