Let me take you on, Captain Reinu Balakrishnan

Make a police report then. I wonder what allegations you can report against them? For not answering your calls? For organizing a dinner in a Chinese Hall? For not replying your email? For selling tickets that already got the police permit? What report? Reportlah!

By Shen Yee Aun

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan:  I had previously raised numerous issues to DAP, being administrators of my area which included public works deficiencies as well as local illegal construction but they did not resolve any of those issues. Their explanation was that MBPJ does not listen to them.

Dear Captain Reinu Balakrishnan, if whatever issue you raise is related to MBPJ, is your fault or is it DAP’s fault? If DAP manages to handle the issue then you will accuse them of abusing their powers by interfering in MBPJ’s work. Please differentiate between a political party and a local government officer. Both have different roles and authorities. See where your contradictions are? First you claim they never receive any reply from them. Then you claim that they had actually replied but just perhaps they did not give the answer you wanted. It’s just like when you are sick; instead of going to the Hospital, you ended up going to the school. Is it your fault or the school’s fault?


Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: Their inaction was so frustrating that the point came when I asked them if their apparent failures were just a ruse but that actually it was due to the fact that the complainant was not a Chinese. They did not deny this. I later went on to ask them if they only catered to Chinese-based issues and only if raised by a Chinese. Amazingly, they never replied or denied this. I had till then since GE12, never received a written reply or phone call of any sort from DAP in response to my complaints and follow up queries.

You claim they did not deny this. But at the same time did they agree with it? Can you just make a conclusion when they did not say no but at the same time they did not say yes? So if a real yes or no answer is so important to you, then now I as a DAP member say no that DAP is not racist. Then is it fair just from my answer that it can satisfy you that we are not racist? Because what you ever wanted is yes or no, right? Moreover, BN had again and again accused DAP of being racist almost everyday. So do you think DAP must stand up and say no every time when they have already said no for thousands of times?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan:
On 06/03/2010, I received an SMS soliciting support and funds for DAP. In short it stated:
‘DAP Paramount will be having a fund raising dinner on 17 April at 7pm in Sg Way Chinese School Hall. Tickets priced at RM50per pax, RM500per normal table n RM 1000 for VIP r on sale now.’

Taking into account my previous issues with DAP and the fact that they don’t reply when it affects the electorate but are fast to communicate when they want something, I took issue with that as well as the following:
a) That the dinner, by being held at the Chinese school Hall, would give credence to allegations that DAP was only Chinese

Dearest Captain. Do you think that we are rich enough to have enough funds like a certain political party? That party can easily attain millions of dollars with just 1 signature. If it is not in a school hall then where do you want us to organize it? At a hotel? Then you will be accusing DAP of squeezing the rakyat’s money when we can actually save costs to organize it in a more cost effective area. Do you think that any Sekolah Kebangsaan under the government will ever allow us to rent their hall? If yes, next time do let us know. We will let you know when we want to organize any event. Can you just claim the government is racist if a Chinese organizes a function in a Chinese school? So if you are an Indian entering a Mamak shop, can we label you a racist as well?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: b) That no provisions were being made for Muslims, Hindus and vegetarians, all of whom form a segment in our society and who have special dietary requirements.

But at the same time there was no force used to force any Hindus or Muslims to attend the dinner as well, right? Hey, Buddhists and Taoists do have as many vegetarians as Hindus. So if DAP is also racist to Chinese as well then that shows that DAP is no longer a Chinese based party as you claim. You think that only you know how to eat vegetables?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: c) That the ticket pricing and recognition was class conscious and as champions of a new Malaysia, we can do away with this classification. I suggested that even if all tickets were priced similarly and the seating ‘classless‘ it would not and should not impede any individual from donating funds of any amount to DAP. DAP not only disagreed with this but the rep decided to go on a personal attack of me which was meant to undermine my race, religion, upbringing and professional status (the text has been retained by me). She even threatened to use force against me. Now this is war.

You made the first step. You declared the war. They are just protecting themselves. Does going against you justify that they are against your race and religion? Indeed, your professional status is in doubt. All your allegations are so childish. Issue about emails. Issue about calls. Issue about tickets. Issue about halls. You don’t even know how to differentiate between selling and donating. When donating, DAP will carry the donation box around and even if you put 1 cent in, they won’t say no. Tickets are for sale, not for donations. If that is so, why don’t you just give me your house and car then I donate to you any amount I like?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: d) I wrote to and emailed DAP HQ on 06/03/2010 and phoned them repeatedly over the next few days about this latest development but,

Just a few days pass where you did not receive any reply and you want to lodge a complaint. Hey, why don’t you try to lodge a police report against DAP regarding this issue then. See how fast the police will entertain and take action against your reply? Few days you claim. Even to post a letter takes a minimum of 3 days!

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan:  a) The phones were not answered until auto cut out.
b) When finally answered, the staff told me that no one knew about my email or fax and then told me that there was no one who reads such emails and faxes and that there was no one to attend to me!!!
c) When I finally insisted that I speak to someone as high as possible in the HQ, they told me to call a Ms. Foo who was supposed to be the assistant to Lim Guan Eng. However, they did not give me the contact number. After a lengthy debate again, I got the number and contacted the alleged Ms. Foo who first spoke to me in Chinese! When I told her I was not Chinese, she went “OH?“ and asked me why I had called her! Was she saying that only the Chinese should call her? That’s what it sounded like to me as she was not interested in the issue. I told her the issue and she stated that she was unaware of the issue, the staff concerned and the problem of getting to her. She however denied the existence of anyone named Evelyn who I had claimed solicited funds for a dinner for DAP!!! She assured me that she was free to talk then but when I told her that her denial meant a police report had to be raised, the phone went dead … never to be answered again.

Contradiction again when you claim there was no reply. Nobody to entertain you then how come in the end you managed to get a chance to insist on speaking to someone as high as possible in HQ? First, I do not know how true your allegations are. Because Miss Foo is a law graduate and speaks English in her daily life. Even if it is true she spoke Chinese, then what is the matter about it? So when a Malay speaks Malay they are racist? When an Indian speaks Indian they are racist? So when an Indian like you speaks English which is not even our national language then you are patriotic and not racist? When she went “Oh”, it means she discovers you are not a Chinese. When she asks why you callled her, it is not because why you are an Indian that you have to call her. She is asking what the issue is that warrants your call to her. Call yourself a professional but simple human communications are so easily misinterpreted. Make a police report then. I wonder what allegations you can report against them? For not answering your calls? For organizing a dinner in a Chinese Hall? For not replying your email? For selling tickets that already got the police permit? What report? Reportlah!

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: e) Ms. Foo never got back to me and never answered my calls or sms again.

It could be because she wants you to make a police report and make a fool out of yourself. You are the one who claim she never entertained you again so you will make a report. Go and made your report then. Why in the end did you make the report in Malaysia Today?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: f) I called DAP HQ again and was reverted to a Mr. Goh apparently from IT who then claimed that he now had found my email but had no idea of any of my previous communication and had been instructed not to say anything to me regarding the fundraising as well as the threatening and abusive behaviour of the DAP representative soliciting the funds. He said he was just a staff member and following orders.

You see. All your allegations here just shows DAP do pick up calls. They do entertain the public. From an unknown staff to Miss Foo to now Mr Goh. If they didn’t pick up then all this while you were talking to a ghost, is it? Is it wrong that they had just found your email? DAP is a political party having about 100 000 members and do not forget there are millions in society just like you sending emails to them. If in the end they only found your email means they are still doing their job. Why not send any email to any Kementerian to see how fast or when they will reply to you?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: g) I demanded action and a written reply to the contents of my email of 06/03/2010 as it raised numerous issues including the fact that DAP was racist and only catered to the Chinese. I clearly stated to him that DAP should deny and prove me wrong if this was untrue and a failure to reply and/or deny would mean that all that I state becomes true at least in law. I told him that I would publish the issue and my accusations of DAP’s racism on the internet and even send it to Malaysia Today whom I regard as the most trustworthy of news providers that I know and I have travelled the world both in real distance and cyberspace (yah, yah think I’m crazy, tell me of another news provider so brave and at tremendous sacrifice, who so willingly posts absolute falsehood and lies that is propagated by the Government and tells you to read it and decide the truth for yourselves).

State the action you want DAP to take clearly. Action against organizing in a Chinese hall? Action for not answering and replying your mail? Action for selling tickets that already got a permit from the police? Action for not having vegetarian food?

Captain Reinu Balakrishnan: g) Mr. Goh told me that he would get back to me immediately, within minutes after conferring with the ‘people he reports to’,
h) He did not get back to me again and 2 days later when I called, he told me that I could do as I wish.

i) I then sent DAP a letter dated 23/03/2010 as found below which they have given me permission to state, publish and propogate without objection or denial. In law it is called ‘ estoppel ‘ and I thank them for clarifying their position and informing the electorate.

Yes. DAP is fighting for democracy. You can practice your freedom of speech and expression as you like. So go ahead.

Dearest Captain,

Talking about your race and religion. When DAP fought against the demolition of your temple, where were you? Have you seen those DVDs before? Using gangsters and police force to break and hammer Lord Ganesh and all the other gods and godesses one by one?

Have you seen the blood of the priest and people who wanted to protect the temple? When we were against it, where were you, CAPTAIN!?

When we fought for Kugan who was dead in police custody; we raised the issue. Where were you, CAPTAIN? When we fought to release all of HINDRAF from ISA, we raised the issue in parliament and we did everything to free them out. Where were you, CAPTAIN?

Why DAP? Why did you not lodge a report against those who had demolished your temple? Detained your leader that had fought for your race? Report that one of your race died in a police station?

I pledge for all other Indians and Hindu readers to have your own view regarding this CAPTAIN. Do you think that he actually qualifies even to call himself an Indian and a Hindu?

Dearest HQ STAFF,

Since he likes to debate so much, just give him my hand phone number and I can debate with him as long as he wants. Let us satisfy him.