Ketuanan Malacca

So, in essence, all of Malaya belonged to Indonesia!!! And they all used Chinese money!! And they were all Hindu!! 

By John Doe

A few friends from Malaysia emailed me and expressed surprised that Malacca minted their own coins. Yes they did. Let’s see how Ketuanan Malacca held up.  

Apparently, the coins were made between 1446-1459. They were minted from tin. Supposedly during the rule of Sultan Muzaffar (4th Sultan). However (for those who read Jawi) the inscriptions read “Al Sultan, Al Adil”, which literally translates to The Sultan, The Just (fair). And since it does not actually bear an inscribed year on it, the actual Sultan who made this could be anyone’s guess. I was however going by “popular belief”, when I mentioned that it was the 4th Sultan’s currency. 

The coins look like this:


This must be magnificent, right? Proof of Ketuanan, right? Immediate questions arise!! Why were these coins not minted till the collapse of Malacca? And why wern’t coins manufactured before the 4th Sultan? The answer is relatively easy once you look at a time-line. The Ketuanan Malacca was in reality, using Chinese coins. In fact, the use of Chinese coins had already been well established since the year 1300 (more than 100 years before Parameswara) by the Majapahit Empire. They were called “Kepeng”. And were authentic Chinese Currency. 


(verified by Indonesian Ancient Relics Conservation Bureau) 

This is also a very well established fact which is strangely “missing” from Malaysian History  Textbooks. It becomes no surprise then that Parameswara only recognized the Chinese Money called “Kepeng”, and continued its’ use when he set up shop in Malacca. His miniscule hamlet was simply NO MATCH for the Great Majapahit, or Pasai Kingdoms. Not to mention that it would have been dumb to try to start a new currency with only 30 men in his entire empire. (Excluding himself, the 29 others were Bugis Pirate-Mercenaries whom he hired.) 

Enter Zheng Ho. Yes. Zheng Ho lived from 1371-1435. He was already in the area during the time of Majapahit, and before the start of Kampong Malacca. (30 people qualifies as a kampong, right?)

Raise your hands, all those who know that to help “legitimize” Malacca, the Sultans actually manufactured CHINESE COINS WITH Zheng Ho’s name on it?

Called “Zheng Ho Yan Pau”. They were THE currency of Malacca! 

A nicely framed Display of the Zheng Ho Tin-Coins Collection.


Ketuanan Malacca was solely using Cheng Ho Money!!

And here’s a closer view of some surviving coins:

I am reliably informed that the Chinese Kanji reads as Xing Yuan Tong Shi Yi. 

To add to all this hidden History, one must know that China occupied Vietnam for over 1,000 years. Thus making all of Indochine part of China itself. Hence, the name (old) Yunan included all of IndoChina. According to the book of Nagarakertagama (1365) pupuh (canto) XIII and XIV mentioned several states in Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara islands, Maluku, New Guinea, and some parts of Philippines islands as under Majapahit realm of power. This source mentioned of Majapahit expansions has marked the greatest extent of Majapahit empire.

So, in essence, all of Malaya belonged to Indonesia!!! And they all used Chinese money!! And they were all Hindu!! Ok. some were Buddhist, and most were continuously flipping from Hinduism to Buddhism, and vice versa. Take Prambanan (Hindu) in comparison to Borrobudor (Buddhist). Both were on the same island of Java, merely 20 miles from each other. And just like Angkor, they kept flipping from Buddhism to Hinduism, and vice versa. What a completely different world !!  

And since all these Keris-weilding people swear that Allah chiselled Article 153 in stone, then by definition NONE of all who lived in Southeast Asia was a “malay”!! Simply because NONE were Muslim at all!! Based on the same logic, then, exactly what Ketuanan are they ranting about? Since during the time of Parameswara, there were CLEARLY NO “malays” at all as per defined by Article 153!! 

So, for those who define “malay”  by Article 153, then the best-case scenario, is that the “birth of malays” began when the Gujeratis’ brought Islam over to Acheh. Which is circa 10th Century. This makes the “malays” 600 years old. Otherwise, if you prefer a “longer/older” history, then the First Austronesians emerged as a result of Mongoloid and Dravidic marriage (Chindian) somewhere in Taiwan or a long the China Coast of Amoy. And that History my friend, puts the entire Austronesian origins at around 6,000 yrs old. There is no need for arguing with me. Let your DNA do the talking. Your Mitochindiral Markers are for all to see. And they never lie!! 

So what exactly is all this Ketuanan about? Is it about Lordship? Is it about Superiority? Is it about pride? 

Google “The Pride of the Malay Race”, and you will end up with Dr. Jose Rizal. Strange isn’t it? He is also known as “The Greatest Malay Hero”. Who was he? He was born in 1861 in the city of Calamba, in Laguna province, as the seventh of eleven siblings. At such an early age, he already demonstrated superb intellect. He went on study at notable schools of the time, such as Ateneo Municipal de Manila (now the Ateneo de Manila University) and the University of Santo Tomas, where he excelled both in academic and athletics. After that, he went to Madrid to study medicine. He lived in Europe for quite a time, trying to convince the Spanish government to initiate reforms in the colony and further enriching his knowledge. 


Aside from being a doctor, Rizal was also a sculptor, a a writer, a scientist, a poet, and a polyglot who knew how to speak at least ten languages. His main contribution to the literary (and political) world was his two novels, the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo. Both books which I bought while I was in Manila. By far, he seems to have more “Ketuanan” than any UMNO I know.

Have a look at the comparison between Malaysian Parliament and Singapore Parliament members: 

PM Lee Hsien Loong

Cambridge University – First Class Honours (1974)

Harvard University – Masters (1980) 

PM Dato’  Sri Najib Razak

University of Nottingham – Bachelor of Arts Honours (1974)

Former PM Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

University of Malaya – Bachelor of Arts Honours (1964) 

Former PM Goh Chok Tong

University of Singapore – First Class Honours (1964)

Williams College , USA – Masters (1967)

MM Lee Kuan Yew

Cambridge University – First Class Honours (1949) 

Former Minister of Foregn Affairs Syed Hamid Albar

(can someone tell me his univeristy?) – Bachelor of Arts [UITM] 

The list goes on…. 

So for those who still insist on “Ketuanan Malacca” now, take a good hard look at this map. Notice how land is labelled. 


Try looking for “Tanah Melayu”. Can’t find it? SURPRISE !! But I’m sure you will notice Malacca. You will also notice Borneo, Sumatera, Celebes, Mindanao, and Java. And what is my point? There was never a Kingdom of  Borneo, Sumatera, Celebes, Mindanao, nor Java. They were simply reference names to the land. Malacca happened to share the same name as the land on which it resided. Whichever the case, “Tanah Melayu” was definitely NOT it’s original name. 

Coming back to the Ketuanan issue now. How much Ketuanan did this Migrant Murderer Prince actually have? (He did murder the brother in-law of Sultan of Pattani). And is anyone going to stress the Kelantan, Perlis, Kedah and Terengganu Royalty migrating from Thailand? Or the Sultan of Selangor who migrated from Sulawesi? (Nephew of Daeng Kemboja) How about the Sultan of Johor, who “took over” after the original bloodline of Parameswara was killed? The new line is Bugis, if memory serves me well. He was then Bendehara of the dead Sultan. 

What if History books read this way …

“The Malayan Peninsular was  first Colonized in 1402 by an Indonesian migrant called Parameswara?”  

Does he not fit the description? If someone were to jump on a boat from Palembang today, Malaysia would lock him up in Jail, and call him a “Pendatang Haram” isn’t it?

So why wasn’t Parameswara called a Pendatang Haram when he first came to Malaya?

Instead, he was transformed into a pseudo-Hero? 


After all, Parameswara was a Criminal, and there were already 2 death sentences against him. One, decreed by his own father, and the second was by the King of Siam. (His third death-sentence came much later from Acheh.) Somehow “Pengkhianat dan Pembunuh” comes to mind to describe Parameswara. Not to mention the driving away of all the Orang Asli’s from their land; of which they had already lived for 60,000 years!!! 

So it is very evident that this “Ketuanan Malacca” is simply a creation of overzealous Nationalists, who distort it, and create a “Myth” about a non-existant Ketuanan. UMNO is NOT a descendant of Parameswara. Most are cross-breeds from goodness-knows-where. At best, they share the same island of Palembang. Which makes them Sumatran. Which confirms that they are as “pendatang” as everyone else. 

So Perkasa, please take your 67% Ketuanan and stuff it up where the sun don’t shine, as someone so quaintly phrased it.