Communist Malaysia

By John Doe 

It is certainly strange to hear that Abraham ibn Ali making 67% demands on National Wealth. It is even stranger that he makes claim to it without needing to work for it. So why not turn Malaysia into a Communist State, as one MT Commentator suggested yesterday? Enslave all the other Races, and turn them into forced Labour? Much like how the Egyptians did with the Jews in the Bible? Certainly a 33% Working Slave-Population is enough to feed the 67%. Let the 67% sit around idle, masturbate their Ketuanan, and reap the Economic benefits of the 33%. Has Abraham ibn Ali lost his marbles? If he is truly promoting Communism, then he should hail Chin Peng as Bapak Malaysia instead.

On the same note of equality, why does he also not insist that Mahathir surrender all his wealth to an amount equal to the next Rojak Seller and Farmer? After all, equality is equality. Some, however insist on being “more equal than others.” 

All UMNO claims start with “Dari Zaman dulu-dulu…” without an inclination of how dulu is dulu. The Timeline Diagram below clearly shows who is more “dulu” than others. 


orang asli

This is the Migration of the Orang Asli


Most Negritos who have had their DNA tested turn out to have the same mitochondrial DNA as the people in southern India, New Guinea and Australia: haplogroup M, the first to leave Africa. They left circa 65,000 years ago, following the coast of the Indian Ocean and then spreading inland. This gave rise to:

India: Dravidians

South East Asia: Negritos

Philippines: Aeta

New Guinea: Papuans, Melanesians

Australia: Aboriginals

South America: palaeoindians of 30,000 years ago

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Extract from: 

“…Seorang sarjana, Prof Lim Swee Tin dari Universiti Putra Malaysia pernah menulis bahawa Melayu harus difahami bukan dalam konteks ras atau kaum. Melayu itu juga bukan lagi satu etnik. Melayu sudah mencakupi satu entiti budaya. Konsep Melayu ialah konsep budaya dan entiti budaya itu. Ia tidak bergantung pada kapasiti ras, etnik atau kaum lagi sebagaimana termaktub dalam Perlembagaan.  – Berita Harian” 

Transcribing the above, Prof Lim Swee Tin from UPM basicaly states that the “Malays” cannot be defined definitively as a Race, Ethnicity, or a Tribe as stated in the Fedeal Constitution. He however makes a very glaring mistake by stating that they were the “original dwellers” of the Nusantara. For some strange reason, he completely forgot to mention that the Orang Asli has inhabited this land for  60,000 years, while the Austronesians (malay) has only been around for less than 6,000 years. And even then, no one reached the Malayan Peninsular until only 2,500 years ago. 


So Historically speaking, the Peninsular has had many names before Tanah Melayu. The most interesting one being Barr Chin, as described by Arabic Maps. Archaeologically speaking, the African Negritos have been on the Peninsular since 60,000 years ago. Racially speaking, the “malay tribe” are really just a sub-group of Austronesian Race; which in itself is a Hybrid Race of Chinese and Indians. A term locals call “Chindians” (independent DNA Research has proven this time and again). For those who are still in denial, take a drive down south to the National Geographic Store in Vivo City in Singapore, and tell them you want your DNA tested. They will trace your entire family tree for you in a matter of days. This is all part of the Genome Project. They can practically trace everyone now. 

To address the “Zaman Gemilang Malacca”, we’ll need look again at Parameswara. He was an Indonesian Renegade runaway who paid the Chinese Government tribute. This probably happened around the time when 30,000 ships in a single Armada (Zheng Ho) came passing through. Parameswara had apparently pissed off his neighbours so much that he badly needed to uphold his “Ketuanan”. He did this by sending his Bugis Pirates to rob passing ships. Especially those who refused to pay “Protection Money” at Malacca. This sounds like Gangsterism to me. You see, Malacca was really just a small berth. Pasai, Batavia, Palembang, Tioman, Hoi Ann, and so on, were many many times larger, and definitely much more important. 

For those still delusioned by the “Zaman Gemilang Malacca”, how many of you know that there was only a single coinage minted during all the Malaccan era? Even that was by the 4th Sultan. Apparently no one wanted/recognized their “tin-money”. And minting was discontinued. China coins, on the other hand, made its way all over the known world. 

Most remember the Portuguese. Who among you know that the Portuguese played up Malacca because they wanted an excuse for Military funding? Does anyone know that the Portuguese actually begged the Dutch to take over Malacca from them because Malacca was losing so much money? And towards the end, the Dutch VOC became bankrupt, and had to practically beg the British instead to assume this huge Malaccan liability? Be realistic. Look at the size of the Malaccan River. Compare that to the Singapore River, Kuala Kedah or the Muar River. How can a River smaller than the Klang River, or Perak River have any significance at all? How much traffic can it sustain? How “Gemilang” can it be? If Malacca was so important, the British would have chosen it, instead of making Singapore their Base. Instead, the British used Singapore, KL, and Penang. 

Remember Magellen? Well, he completely skipped Malacca. He went from South America to Manila, and then via Sulawesi and Australia, went straight on to The Cape of Good Hope instead. This is also a well known route. In fact, it is so well known that it is never shown in any Malaysian History books. 



Those wanting to read more should have a peek at this website:

(Please note that they address the word “Austronesian” correctly. For those recently joining us, “Indonesian” is a Nationality, and NOT a Race. Just like “Malay” is a Tribe, and NOT a Race.)

Also read “Austronesian Migration”  here: 

On the subject of Race, Mahathir is from Kerala. How many of you know that Matrilineal Systems are still practised in Kerala? And going by the same Jewish “rules” of “If your mother is a Jew, then you are a Jew”, then Mahathir would have been “correct” to think that he is a Malay because his mother is a Malay. He thus correctly “denies” his Indian Origins because of his upbringing. Speak to any Minang to further understand this. They are experts in Matilineal Systems. 

Coming full-circle, if Abraham ibn Ali wants his 67%, then all Malaysians must be ready to relinquish their wealth and put it all in to the common pot, by making Malaysia a Communist Country. Otherwise, work for it to put food on the table; just like everyone else. And to quote UMNO, “If you’re not happy, then migrate!” 

The long and short of it, work. If not, starve. And stop waving your Ketuanan around.