Thanks Zul, for letting it out

Light always dispel darkness, so will truth against lies. There’s a Chinese saying that sounds like this – “if you don’t want others to know, don’t do it in the first place”. And if you do it, no matter how you spin, there is bound to be clues that you lied.

By avancc

It’s good that those froggies that jumped ship start talking. For it will show a lot of hidden information. And how they will try to spin those information to favour them. Nevertheless, those revelations will only hurt themselves.

I wish to thank them for that. For each step they took strengthens the rakyat’s faith and determination to overthrow the corrupted MPs and the party that caused his defection.

Why am I saying so?

First, the revelation that someone asked him to make an SD linking the first couple to the Mongolian woman’s murder. Well, this is nothing new, and he is merely confirming YM RPK’s statement about the making of his SD last time.

Secondly, he refused to reveal who he is. Well, what’s the point, YM RPK has already done that. So he’s merely giving his version of what YM RPK has mentioned in his blog about the SD. So, he could even be copying stories to make his own. It’s no surprise to me.

Thirdly, the way he tries to “apologize” to the PM. Hahaha. Again, the same thing that Nazri would have said. You kill someone and then apologize. Does that help? Can he be charged for attempted “murder” then?

I would agree with YM that the police is now in a dilemma. They haul him up, the defection plan backfires. They don’t haul him up, people will know they’re part of the plan and it’ll still backfire. Either way, they’re done.

Moreover, it is again hearsay by an MP who has lost credibility. If the police gives excuses that it’s without hard evidence, again, his revelation will also be irrelevant. He’ll be making a fool of himself.

Not to forget, his revelation about his withdrawal from the murder case trial also shows how cowardly he is. That he will rather shake his faith than hold justice. He failed as a lawyer in that case.

Besides, his statement regarding the 2 convicted “assistants” only strengthen the truth. That someone is behind the murder, and he goes free. For 4 simple reasons :–

1) That they do not have the motive to kill and destroy;
2) The usage of a strictly controlled item – C4;
3) The simple fact that their face is hidden from the public throughout the closed trial. We don’t really know if it was really them on the deck, we don’t really know if the sentence has actually been carried out, and even if they are now standing in front of you, you would not even recognise that they are the convicted duo.
4) Razak Baginda’s statement during the trial.

Zul’s statement only shows how much he has been “BN-ed”.

So, let them talk. Let them fill the house with stories and it will soon hit them back on the face, hard. As I said earlier, unless you really have not done it, the more you talk the more it will show how much you are involved. Zul, we thank you for revealing that.

There was a story about a bird that was almost frozen to death. While he was lying there, waiting for his time, a cow came and dropped his dung on the bird. The warm dung melted the ice and the bird began to feel comfortable. He started to sing and it was heard by an eagle who came down and dug him out to be eaten.

So when you are in deep sh*t, stop making noise.