What do think-tanks do? For starters, they are supposed to come up with position papers that would put their funders in a better position to deal with future challenges.

Unless, of course, if it is INSAP, a think-tank run by MCA, in which case the top priority would be to hold weekly badminton practices and reward cronies. When Ong Ka Ting was the MCA president, that was precisely what happened.

By Chiselled Stone

Run by a woman he co-opted from the American Chambers of Commerce (AMCHAM), the only KPI Ong Ka Ting set for INSAP was how many namecards the staff can collect each week from cocktail parties especially in the diplomatic circuit.
Every Friday, INSAP would book badminton courts at the Bt Kiara Sports Complex, a short distance from Damansara Jaya, where Ong Ka Ting lives. Joining them of course, was Wendy Ong, Ka Ting’s second wife.
Besides that AMCHAM woman (who doesn’t play although she could shed more than a few pounds just by lifting the racquets), is Rita Sim, Ka Ting’s proxy in Sin Chew newspaper which hooked the AMCHAM woman to Ka Ting. Both knew the importance of taking care of MCA’s First Lady, in the same way Umno boys suck up to Rosmah.
Besides sporting events, INSAP has also become an ATM for Ka Ting’s cronies. One of them is his ex-press secretary, Ng Kian Nam, who went on to join the elder Ong in the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
One day, Kian Nam the smart alec leaked to Bernama and Sin Chew Daily that his own boss, Ka Chuan had tendered a resignation letter as Minister to new dickhead MCA president Ong Tee Keat. Kian Nam thought he was doing his boss a favour. It backfired and for that Kian Nam was given the boot – and a hefty pay rise!!
He ended up in the MCA HQ’s political education centre, but draws a five-figure salary from INSAP, which is chaired by Kapar land-grabber Tan Sri Lau Yin Pin.
Another crony who draws a salary from INSAP is the guy who runs the life long learning centre. The lawyer, who claims to be doing voluntary work in the centre, was actually paid RM12,000 a month from INSAP. On top of that, his firm got tonnes of lucrative conveyancing jobs for housing projects from the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
What about position papers? Of course INSAP did some work in that department too. It came up with the life long learning idea to turn a political party into a centre for career-minded people to further their education. Political work? MCA kept that aside, of course during Ong Ka Ting’s time.
And oh yeah, it also came up with a brillant idea during the 308 general election campaign. The theme? Plead to voters to understand that political table-thumping is a no-go compared with subservience and behind-closed-doors dialogues. Wonderful.
Still wondering why March 8 happened? All because Ong Ka Ting bothered listening to INSAP.