A respond to a cybertrooper

I find this character who commented on my post “Melayu Boleh” warrants a blog post to respond, in addition to the numerous counter comments lambasting him/her.

By Lee Wee Tak

Hang on, syd, don’t expand your ego just yet. I am responding not because I think you are worth it but I just want to have an example how to skin a cybertrooper’s worthless rambling.

syd on March 22, 2010 12:52 AM said…

unlike minorities in malaysia, malays dare not raise a voice in pap’s singapore. In fact, many singapore malays actually earn a living in malaysia whilst maintaining their singapore citizenship, and some actually otained malaysian citizenship.

A typical cybertrooper statement : arguments without facts

Kickbacks in singapore’s private sector is rampant. In govenrment owned companies, they renamed it as commission.

Another typical cybertrooper statement : Singapore is considered one of the least corrupt country in the world.

Read here

Competitiveness & Business Environment
o Singapore is ranked first for having the most open economy for international trade and investment

o Singapore is the world’s easiest place to do business

Singapore is ranked the most competitive country in Asia – and is No. 3 worldwide

Singapore is the best business environment in Asia Pacific and worldwide.

Singapore is Asia’s most “network ready” country.

o Singapore is ranked 4th in the world and 1st in Asia for having the least corruption in its economy.

Singapore is ranked the most transparent country in the world and Asia.

Singapore malays have no chance in singapore’s education/employment system, especially now, with an emphasis in mandarin.


Didn’t the speaker talk about making business with Chinese Muslims? If there is an enabling tool for Singapore Malay, some of them are willing to acquire it, what’s wrong with that? Go read my Keluhan seorang Melayu Singapore and see what she was really complaining about. Perhaps, subconsciously, this fellow thinks it is “unmalay” to learn Chinese.

Heck, one of my Malay facebook friend recently told me his daughter is doing well in her mandarin studies and in my chinese school days, there are Malay students there picking up another language skill.

Go read “Notable Malays in this section here. There is a long long list of successful list of Singaporean Malays.

To make it worse, the PAP acquired all the kampung land to build HDB flats. So Singapore malays now have no land anymore. Chinatown areas are left untouched.

Another stupid UMNO Cybertrooper brainless argument, if you can call the statement that.

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