The aftermath of a Thunderstorm

To my dear Pakatan Rakyat,
Ok. It may seem gloomy when your “weather-ly unstable” Zahhhh-rain broke loose and began his thunderstorm in the house last week. But it was actually a good omen for his storm to hit the house. Why? Because there are lots of dried droppings and the rain will wet them again and sprinkle them everywhere to stink. On the other hand, although it blurs your vision during the storm, and sends you hiding in your blanket, it will soon clear the hazy air, and send a fresh smell to your nose.

By avancc

While the house is being polluted with noise coming from both side of the aisles, and while it may be a panicking moment when your name is being called as the catalyst for the nation’s evolutional process; lets take a step back and look at the “thunder” that sounded.
Points raised up during the session: 
1)      That DSAI has misused the YDA’s name in his attempt to take over the government.
2)      That DSAI has misused the National Army’s influence in the same attempt.
3)      There are 8 MPs and a deputy speaker involved in the plot, which include the renowned veteran Ku Li.
Now, has DSAI admitted the event? And has the YDA and National Army denied the event? Why is UMNO Selangor sooooooo enthusiastic in making a police report on behalf of the YDA and the army? Why do the YDA and the army themselves not come out to clarify?
Then again, if the YDA and the army had indeed been doing what was mentioned, doesn’t that make UMNO guilty of preventing or stopping the will of the YDA? Isn’t that Derhaka then?
So, that’s why they quickly stepped out to “supposedly” speak on behalf of the royals? To become the “Wall” to “threaten” the royals not to speak and let them tell him whatever they want the royals to do?
Now then, the 8 MPs who has been named and who denied the ordeal. Why didn’t UMNO lodge a police report too about their names being accused? By the way, why did they lodge a report against DSAI while it was the Zahhhhrain that made that claim?
So the thunderstorm may strike, but it just wets dried dung and send them flying while at the same time, cleans the air. In this case, it stirred their dung and then after the storm is over, will clear the air against DSAI. Either way, they can only keep spinning like a gasing, but the results will remain the same – It’ll make them look worse than what they already look like.
Now, since he was talking about being a catalyst. Let us really be the catalyst to run through the storm quickly and reach the “fresh air” stage faster. Since they are very enthusiastic, and they go the extra mile in protecting the royals, why can’t Pakatan do the same? If lodging a report is the trend now, well, shouldn’t everyone lodge a police report on the following counts of charges:

1)      The very person who alleged that the YDA has been involved, attempting to indicate that the YDA has been partial, while the actual fact is, the YDA is fair in his dealings. He is merely following the constitution. If PR succeeded in getting the majority command, he will surely swear them in. He cannot hold that off and swear BN in instead.

2)      The Party in S’gor for trying to prove/suggest that the YDA is partial by lodging a police report against the “event”. Now, didn’t the same happen in Perak? Now where’s the police report for that?

3)      The Party in S’gor for trying to intervene with the works of the Army. What crime is there for PR or the Army in that situation? If PR is sworn in, the army is merely trying to prevent any untoward events. When they hear the news, they surely will try to hold guard, and not stop PR from taking over. That will be unconstitutional.

4)      And Do a favour to the 8 BN MPs. Lodge a police report against Zahhhhrain for accusing “reputable” MPs without sound evidence. Well, if he says that the info came from Pakatan, PROVE IT. I’m sure UMNO will thank you for the favour. All in all this is nothing political. It’s just a friendly gesture to “reputable” MPs.
Let us see how they will respond to that. They think only they “protect” the royal’s interest? Well, we all do, and we do it in a better and nicer way. We REALLY care for them. They think only they can make police reports on some “floating points”? Well, we could too, and we have more solid grounds than them. They think a thunderstorm will scare us? Well, look at their farm of dried dung. It has been sent flying all around them. And look at the air; it’s having less haze now.
We will soon have enough thunderstorm. It will end, and the sky will soon be clear. Then we shall be able to come out to smell the clean fresh air.