Still on NEM

You should be attacking the erroneous ideas of the Ibrahim Alis of the world. You know the effects of the previous NEP, yet you play dumb and appear to accept that the way to progress is to have more of the NEP doses? How stupid can we be?

By Sakmongkol

I am sure those people at NEAC when drawing up our NEM read Porter over and over again.

It’s impossible to talk about competition, being competitive and all that without reading Porter.

Unless those bean counters assisting Amir Sham are not conversant with Porter’s work.

Many people can talk about Porter’s 5 forces analytical tools when assessing competitiveness. They can write elegant treatises about it and present it to the PM.

Maybe some of the more able of the PM advisers will read on behalf of the PM and present him a précis or summary.

I say the more able bearing in mind, as I said before, the general perception of the public is that many of the PM’s advisers are more adroit at their golf games.

Plus, many of them are not up to the mark- making it reasonable to assume that Porter’s work is heavy on them. But I hope there aren’t too many of them near him.

I therefore do not propose to talk about Porter’s 5 forces analysis. I want to talk instead of the 6th force- government and public. We are in the government. We are the public. We must read the work of Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff who wrote a seminal book in the mid-1990s.

They added the concept of  complementors (also called “the 6th force”), helping to explain the reasoning behind being competitive.

Now, surely this must be something even cerebrally deficient advisers must understand. Government and the public means politics.

This is the game everyone from the peon who has made good to become Hishamudin Hussein’s polsec to the Cambridge trained young cikkus in PM ‘s office can understand.

It’s the common language of those wanting and being in power.