The Zaaaarrr~Rain weather

I once wrote an article “Is it our nature to destroy ourselves”. And today it is proven. This Zaaaarrr-rain is indeed destroying himself.

By avancc

I once heard an old wise man saying this.

A fool who keeps ranting …. The more he talks, the more he’ll show how foolish he is.

He tries to appear like he is revealing “shit” from the PR coalition. But from his speech, he is only trying to boast how “shitty” he is. I’m actually glad now that he left .… It’s actually a relief now. And I am actually glad PR let him go. He’s a liability and will only smear PR’s reputation if he stayed on.

From the content of the letter read during the session, he didn’t appear sincere. He appeared “bodeking”. He WANTED that D.S. title so badly, but was ashamed to receive it. So he wants “Company” to go up the stage with him so that it doesn’t appear so “impossibly possible” for him to receive that title.

And to the party that persuaded him to cross over, PR doesn’t have to destroy you. YOU ARE DESTROYING YOURSELVES ALREADY — with such low quality MPs that you are Koreking, and with tens of thousands to do that. You don’t need anybody else to destroy you. That action itself has already done 2 serious damages to you.

1)      Quality of the person. :- With such performance, anyone can see it. You still feel proud of him? I honestly don’t. It’s a disgrace to the house. A time and resource wasting moment. While they are paid to be attending the house, they misused it for some bad “advertisement”. Taking such people to work for you, do you think it will be positive progress? His bodeking to inform LGE on his “wish” for the title yet shy to receive it is really laughable.

Now let’s just make a simple analysis. If a person really doesn’t feel he deserves or wants the title, would he ever say “Unless you also take it”? He would have rejected it without conditions. Just look at LKS. He rejected it. Any “Unless” from him?

If a person has truly done enough good to receive the title, would he be “shy” to receive it? And if he is so shy to even receive “titles”, what else could he be “unshy” to do? Any leadership there? I see only leader-Sh*t

2)      Revelation of “secrets”. :- As I mentioned earlier in this article, the more a fool talks, the more he shows how foolish he is. He tried to reveal the “grime and sh*t” of the party he just left. But the more he talks, it began to reveal the “grime and sh*t” of himself. Of his incompetence; his personal goals instead of the coalition’s goal; his insincerity in his given tasks as an MP; his betrayal of people’s trust for the sake of his own foolishness; etc.

So to the party that persuaded him to cross over, still feel proud over your success in getting him to jump ship? With tens of thousands to buy a fool, who needs plots to bring you down? You are already destroying yourself!

With time and lotsa money wasted, yet only get a rotten catch. I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry at you. I would want to laugh at your foolishness, yet, it is partially MY MONEY you used to perform your foolishness. So that makes me foolish as well for allowing you to do just that. That’s the sad part.

However, I really couldn’t blame you too much. You see, if he is not rotten, if he is of high quality, there’s no way you can get him to cross over. So you either get rotten ones, or you get none. It is actually lucky he didn’t join you officially. For that would be bigger damage to you.

Now, after you got your numbers, and succeeded in your evil plans, you can ignore him and leave him as “independent” as he can be. For he will really be of no use to you. But of course. If and only if your plan worked. If it doesn’t, you’ll be stuck with his continuous revelation of more and more disgraceful facts about himself and you all, and slowly pulling you down to be drowned. Try to swim across the swimming pool with a big rock tied to yourself, you will only struggle to keep afloat; and every step, will only pull you further down to be drowned. That’s how it will be to carry a burden with you in this time of turmoil.

And by the way, thank you for taking that burden away from PR. Now it is yours to shoulder. 🙂