Puad: Providence helped me reject ‘jump ship’ offer

(Free Malaysia Today) – Providence apparently had a hand in Batu Pahat MP Puad Zarkashi turning down an offer by Anwar Ibrahim to form a new government on Sept 16, 2008.

Puad, the deputy education minister, told Umno-linked daily Utusan Malaysia that he performed a special prayer called istikharah and subsequently the answer was given to him in a “dream”.

“In my dream, god told me that if I signed a letter in support of Anwar as the prime minister, it would mean that I have sold the country,” said Puad

He added that god provided him with the strength to refuse the invitation by the PKR de facto leader to topple the ruling coalition.

Puad said he was depressed and in fear when he was informed by Anwar that there was enough support from other BN MPs, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and four other Sultans.

Recalling the moment, he said he was with Machang PKR MP Saifuddin Nasution on a BN field trip to Taiwan when he was contacted.

“This was a day before the supposed takeover. We were all in Taiwan. Around 2am, Saifuddin phoned my room and persuaded me to give support to Anwar as the next prime minister.

“But Saifuddin did not make it to my room (to meet me) because I was getting ready to leave for Hong Kong,” he said.