MCA Ex-Corrupt President Coming Back For More Corruption

Tri Sri Ong Ka Ting is also a corrupted leader. When he is in Ministry of Housing and Local Govt, he misused his power to instruct all buildings, condominiums and offices to change fire extinguisher. To the public, this may seems like a good work done by OKT but behind this is that he received RM 20 million profits for this project alone. During that period, who is controlling such business? How come OKT can make so much profit from this? Everyone shall start to question this matter or, I would update soon on this matter.

By MCrazeA

The second issue is regarding money lending license. OKT has given out plenty of money lending license to anyone without control with each license costing RM 50,000. He target such as a strategy to make some profit which would be about RM 9 million per annum.

The third issue is on pawn shop license. OKT has also given out many such licenses to his family and relative. Majority of such businesses are now control by his family. MACC shall check on how OKT misused his power on issuing such licenses to his family members.

The fourth issue would be that OKT used his power as Minister in the Housing and Local Govt Ministry to instruct Indah Water Consortium management to give out a large contract to a company that his brother, Ong Ka Chuan has interest in. The profits for such contract totalled about RM 10 million.

This matter is disclosed by a close inner circle of OKT which knows about what he deals with. So with the MCA having crisis now, Ong Ka Ting has announced that he intent to come back in to MCA. What is the reason for this? OKT wanted to save PKFZ project. He is saving the project because he has interest in it too.

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